10 things I wouldn't change about my little life.

Yes. You bet your pretty dollar(ya know... the crispy ones?) that I wouldn't trade this list of things for ANYTHING in this world. 

Starts out with this. 

1. A man that not only loves me unconditionally, but he is completely infatuated with his son. 
He wants to be the best daddy he knows how to be.....
which in this case is "SUPERMAN".  He is an amazing FATHER!

2. I love having a hot husband. I know. This may sound so vain.... but I really do. 
When I see him wear his hat to the side...... or a bandana.....or ya know... him wearing a sweatshirt....
My heart & stomach forget where they are suppose to be positioned. 

3. I love having a firstborn son. I've always wanted a son 1st.... I always wanted an ALL THAT IS BOY son. :) God blessed me with more than my WANTS and he saw my need for Tristan. 
Ya see..... He is so much like my sister Libby that it scares me. Libby is in Virginia going to school... God knew how much I was going to miss her....

4. Tristan's love for people & obsession with Haddy! :)  He's Mr. SOCIAL. 

5. I am so thankful for where God has placed me. 
Many people do not like or "get" small towns. . . not many are CALLED to live in a small town.
I know where I'm suppose to be. . . & what I am suppose to be doing. 

6. I am thankful for Zach's crooked smile that he practiced to PERFECTION when he was 9 years of age. 
He's got it down to PERFECTION. . . 

7. I love Tristan's double chin. It's a Phillips trait. Granny Phillips had it. Papaw(my dad) has it. I have it. Tristan has it. 
(now... I might change MINE, but that is for a different POST!)

8.  I love our couch. It's big. fits our small house perfectly & it has thee most perfect NESTING area for me to just SIT in and fall asleep.

9.  This year has been a rough-rough-ROUGH one. Many times... I have wanted to throw in the towel of ministry.... but I choose to believe GOD HAS SOMETHING coming our way. 
So. Needless to say... I am so thankful for God and his FAITHFULNESS!

10. I am thankful for a healthy marriage. No. we are not perfect. We are learning.... 
but I am so thankful that I can forgive and that SUPERMAN can forgive me quickly. We have never, ever had a fight that has lasted for more than an hour. We always work things out as a TEAM.
God knew what HE was doing giving me Superman. 


  1. Cutey-cute post. :) I love the "I love life" posts.
    I have a "forget where my stomach should be" hot husband too...it really makes the realness of life more do-able when you can look at something so delicious every day. ;)

  2. LOL! Love it!!!! Zach looks like Brad Pitt...;)

  3. I love this, you are SO cute! And I am so with you on always wanting a son first!

  4. I love your list! Life is to be lived and enjoyed, even if it gets a little messy sometimes.


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