Winner & RESTORE Conference!

We have FOUND the winner of the LOVE STORY!
(apologies not posting it yesterday....Tristan needed some mommy time & sleep time!)

But before we let you read this AWESOME LOVE story!.....

Here is....


I am SUPER excited that Zach will be coming home from Texas tomorrow! 

He's been gone with Floyd MC traveling to TEXAS for their MC Conference & doing 2 services in 2 different churches! :)

I am excited it is WEDNESDAY!
{youth tonight}

I am so excited for our school's (where I went to high school) STUDENT CONVENTION is coming RIGHT UP!

We just started registration for this CONFERENCE!!! :) 

I cannot wait to have it!!! BIG THINGS! If you are in the Northern Iowa, Southern MN area... :) 

The LOVE STORY that made me cry... :)

Our story begins in 1998 when we meet. We really hit it off right right away. James and I had a lot in common from family history to our love of the outdoors and most everything in between, even the shape our hands kinda stuck us both as odd. We both have similar shaped hands and fingers, just mine are smaller ;) We moved in together and we talked of getting married. That day came Feb. 1999. In August our first child was born-a son! We knew from that point on we were, for sure, going to be together forever by the birth of this child. As time goes on we have our fair share of problems and after our daughter was born we went our own ways for awhile. My life, beyond my kids, is pointless with out the man I married. More time passes(2 years or so) and I move to Iowa. I am sad, lonely and I know no one. At the urging of my mom I start attending a church and give my life to Christ and I feel this massive hole in my heart fill in with a perfect love. A Love I had been searching for. As my walk with Jesus begins I start the process of forgiving people, at the top of my list, my husband. At the same time God was opening doors for him to join us here. He moved here and gave his life to Christ soon after arriving. The first year it was like we were strangers, who were married, learning to live with each other and just choosing LOVE. Another year go by and all the while we are loving and living and leaning on God to teach us how to be a wife and a husband. I never thought that giving my life over to Jesus that he would teach me how to forgive my husband and that James would forgive me, that would lead to RESTORATION, and there would growth in our family. In 2009 our third child-a girl-was born! So I guess this is a Love story about how Jesus showed me how to love my husband the right way! We are SO thankful for what He has done in our marriage and we'll never forget it!

Beautiful Story of what God is doing for this COUPLE! :)

JESSICA. Contact me and I will give you all the INFO of WHAT YOU WON!

Have a HAPPY Wednesday!


  1. OH! I am shocked! Okay :) SO EXCITED for the confrence!!!

  2. Yay!! :-) So exciting! And.. the conference will be GREAT!

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