Weekend Recap + More!

There is nothing like it. Is there? I love home. 

I am a home-body type gal. 
no joke. 

I couldn't spend the night at my BFF Jamie's house until i was 13, possibly 14. What was it Jamie?

I just loved being home. 

I was shocked that I was called to go to Kansas for my internship with Master's Commission. . . . 
Ok. Shocked that I actually WENT! 

I just love home. I do. I LOVE IT! 

Ok. Enough about home. 

On a beautiful GIVEAWAY LOVE note...

Don't forget to send in YOUR favorite love story. 
It can be short or long. 
What's your favorite part of your LOVE story?
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  1. Oh these are such cute pictures. Your little boy is adorable! I am new to your blog. Really like it.


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