On this Day of Love....

I think you should

go read this.

My sister is an awesome writer. 

I also think you should have a glass of this....

Perhaps you could go buy THIS for the little girl in your life...

& a pair of these for the little man in your life.

On Valentines Day... You always need some types of sweets. right?

Why not this recipe?

Tristan is finally feeling better. He was off the couch for most of the day today. 

I am announcing the winner of the LOVE STORY in tomorrows 
blog entry!

I haven't had time to read them all carefully... due to Tristan being sick! :( 

But he is better now! Not 100%, but we are getting there!

My Valentines Day was SUPER special because I went and spent it with 2 of my friends.

Leslie & Amanda. 
(they don't blog. pooey) 
Leslie is single & a woman after God's own heart. 
Amanda is married & pregnant, but her husband was working!
Us 3 had a beautiful dinner at Ruby Tuesdays! :) 

I love when single women can EMBRACE this holiday and not be such a downer about it!
This has always been one of my favorie holidays b/c I just love....... LOVE! I love everything about this day! The flowers. The gifts. The cards. the sweetness of everyone! 
This Valentines was so special! Even though I didn't get to spend it with MY Valentine. . . . 

What made your Valentines day so special?


  1. Thanks for sending some Blog love my way!!! I am so happy T is feeling better!! :)

  2. Glad T is feeling better for sure!! And... sounds like a fun, fun, fun day. Do you get to celebrate with Zach sooN? :-)

  3. Valentines day is special because of the special people in my life! I can't wait to read the love story that wins, I just love a good love story. For real. Glad your little guy is feeling better, what a great pic though!!


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