Modge Podge Monday. {little girls name}

Bloom where you are planted. 

I have heard my daddy preach that for many years...

What TRUTH it is.

Ministry isn't always easy.
Ministry isn't always the thing you want to be doing in that moment.....

God has called you.
He has called you to pick up your cross, daily.
(thanks a lot, Luke!)
We are called to love without even thinking twice about it.

This is not only the way TO the cross, but OF the cross!

God is moving & preparing the way for the Ladies Conference!

Remember THIS POST?

Here is the little baby girls name. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. I love Livia.... and I love her name..... Tristan and Livia.... goes together like Papaw's biscuits and gravy...

  2. Mmmmmm, I LOVE it! I wanted Britany to be Liv, but Britany won out with the hubby in the end :) I think it's beautiful, and I completely agree with the above comment that it goes great with Tristan. Can't wait to see a FAMILY OF FOUR picture one of these days :)

  3. hey there! Just stumbled across t=your blog... ADORABLE!!!

  4. Seriously, CUTEST NAME EVER! loving it! :)

  5. Just dropping by to let you know I've restarted my blog and I hope you will follow me again!


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