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As I wanted to do from the GET GO is SHARE with you some of these beautiful LOVE STORIES!

here is one from Brooke. :)

ENJOY & feel inspired!

My love story began 22 years ago on Valentine's Day. Now, that may strike you as odd considering i am only 23 years old, but my hero and the only man i've ever loved has been a part of my life since age 1. I just wasn't aware yet. On February 14, 1988 my mother married Chris Bivens, my hero. Now, my mom was the typical teenage mother, wild and free with a perm. My biological father had been absent since the day she found out she was pregnant except for the couple of times he would randomly show up and cause a little drunken choas, he has never been a part of my life. My mom and Chris met when he was 17, she was 18 and i was 1. They instantly fell in love.  As much love as you know when you're 17. And as instantly as you can when all you've known is summer love and no commitment with wedding rings made from bread ties. But my momma and i were a package deal and Chris at 17 was okay with that. My mom and Chris got married on Valentine's Day, with the
traditional red and white as their colors, Burger King as their first meal together and Florida as their honeymoon and that day began our family. Chris became dad, and that made sense to me in my 2 year old mind. I'd never known any different. My first sentance being "My daddy's black jacket." As i grew up I'd sometimes wonder why my biological father didn't want anything to do with me. What was wrong with me? Very seldom did i ever voice these questions, but they were very much alive in me. Chris was the best dad i could have ever imagined. I couldn't have hand picked someone better. I don't remember one thing growing up that he fell short in. As i grew older i began to realize how fortunate i was to have him as a father. He loved me much more than i deserved. Never did i feel like I wasn't actually "his child" because to him, i was. I remember my mom saying many times that he saved us, i now understand the depth of what he saved us from. My momma
always had a knack for picking the wrong men. Until Chris came along all the men she dated simply used her, but chris.. he wanted to take care of us. And that's exactly what he did. Over the years I dated my fair share of "punks" as my dad calls them.  After not dating anyone for a few years i started to date someone this past summer. He was a nice man. He made me laugh and he loved Jesus. But he would always say things to me like, "you think your dad is perfect. You're never going to find someone you think is as good as him. you think too much of him." Those things didn't bother me for a while... then i began to question, "why not?" Why couldn't i find someone as good as him. Why couldn't i find a man with as much integrity, kindness, patience, understanding, humor and love as my father. Wouldn't my Father want that for me? He already gave it to me once. Why wouldn't i deserve a man like the man who stole my heart 22 years ago? That's when i realized,
i do. Chris Bivens instilled big love in me 22 years ago. He planted in me love that you choose. He didn't just happen to be an incredible father to me, he chose to be, and it's been growing in me since that day. So, here's to love. In every way, shape and form. Here's to Valentine's Day in 1988 and every year after. Momma isn't the only one who found love that day. 

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  2. Brooke's story should W-I-N!!!!!!!!


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