Happy for Monday!

Let me breakdown our weekend for you.

It involved.
Dayquil for the hubby.
Kleenex for all 3 of us.
Hot SOUP for the hubby.
Naps for all 3 of us.
The Super Bowl.

I was so THANKFUL to see this Monday roll around. . .
We are all still fighting these colds, but we are on the mend!
(Thank you garlic & Vitamin C pills & immune boosting vitamins) 

Here is what our Monday is like.
It started at 6am.
A poopy diaper had us up & ready to RUN!
Teething = B.A.D. diaper rash
I am NOT a fan of DIAPER RASH...
Lately, our home has seen our share of THE RASH.....
After some TLC from an old time ORGANIC remedy (Thank you Mennonites)
It's Clearer every day.

Now that I have talked about poopy diapers & diaper rash. . .

Want to see a beautiful face that makes my heart flutter & eyes that melt away my fears & makes me laugh with every new word he is learning?

It really doesn't surprise me that Jesus came as a child.... 

His hair. :) 1 of the many things I love about him.

Tristan's getting ready for his BIG Valentines Day Photoshoot! 
(stay tuned)

"All done" Tristan now says & hands me his plate. :)
Sometimes.. when I don't make it in time... 
the floor catches it for me. 

those eyes. those Fox boy eyes. 

Happy MONDAY, ya'll! 

I am going to take this MONDAY & get this house in order. 

P.S. Bradley, the Bachelor is on tonight.
Who's watching?


  1. CUTE PHOTOS OF YOUR BOY!! WOWZER! He is tooooo sweet :-)

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  3. beautiful pictures beka!! love love love.


  4. I am a new follower from the trendy treehouse! your little one is too cute!


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