Tristan's FAVORITE thing to do right now. 

"honking" peoples noses. 

This past Saturday we went to my brother in law's basketball game! My dad is the coach..... :)
Here is a picture of my daddy and my brother in law (in the back!)

listening to their coach. :)
My dad!

Alexander trying not to SMILE. 
He made 29 points the last game. :)
He made All Tourney Team! 

The team got 3rd place. They did such a great job! So proud of all of them!

While watching my dad coach the team....

It made me just tear up thinking about everything he has been through & what he is still doing for these boys!

My dad had a kidney transplant in 2008. 
My brother gave him a kidney. 
It was a hard summer for us. 
But we made it through. 
My dad took a break from coaching, but he is back for Lighthouse the past couple years. 
He is one of thee most genuine coach's. 
I just watched him cheer on the boys. 

I teared up. 

I really did. 
He is beyond the best dad.... EVER! 

What a perfect example!

I am so blessed with the MEN that I have in my life! 


  1. Very sweet Beka! Dad's are so very special!

  2. How sweeeeeeeet B! I love these photos. PS SEE YOU SOON!

  3. So precious! Daddy's are so precious. Your T is getting so big!! oh my oh my!! CUUTEEE!!

  4. Oh gosh, Dad's are the best and mine is definitely my best friend!

    Lovely blog, just found you through Steph! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.



  5. Whoops, meant Dads (no apostrophe...) You must think I'm a nut! I promise I'm not, just a stickler for grammar (most of the time!).


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