100 Day Challenge.

Happy FRIDAY y'all!

I have decided to join in on some of the fun I have been seeing around on the StalkFACE/Gossipbook/Facebook. 

Let's see how FAR we can get on this challenge. 
Shall we?

DAY 1.
A picture of yourself with 15 random facts about YOU.

Random Facts.

#1. I love being married! Dating is overrated. ;) 
#2. I sleep with my 2 favorite blankets & as many pillows as possible.
#3. I have a dent in my forehead from falling out of a parked car when I was 2. 
#4. I could buy a new bag every time I shop. 
#5. Mashed Potatoes are my favorite food. 
#6. I truly believe I have the best parents in the world. 
#7. I would much rather watch a movie than read a book.
#8. Elephants are my favorite WILD animal. 
#9. I'm in LOVE with my new curtains Ruth Ann made me. 
(they make my living room come to LIFE)
#10. I gave birth to my son, Tristan without using any drugs. 
#11. I love to sleep.
#12.  I don't like to be matchy matchy with my clothes. 
#13. I wish I could play the piano.
#14. Zach makes me be a better person.
#15. Peanut butter cookies are a little taste of heaven.

let's remember the GIVEAWAY!
Shallllllll we?
All you need to do is WRITE TO ME & tell me your LOVE story!
As you can see... It doesn't need to just be with your Boyfriend, Fiance, Husband.
It can be about your BROTHER, DAD, UNCLE, Grandpa! Anyone that has really shown you what TRUE love is! :)
I'm ready to hear it.


  1. Love it!!!! "Elephant" - is this a new fav?? Cause I never knew that!!

  2. Ha love those random facts!

  3. @ Lib. It use to be GIRAFFE, but I've decided elephants are CUTER stuffed animals... :) & we DID RIDE ONE! ;)

  4. SOOOO proud of you for giving birth without drugs!!! I am entering the give away!!!! Just anyday now!!!!!

  5. Becca!! I wanted to say all things I agree with but there are so many..pillows, bags, parents, pianos, seriously. seriously. happy friday!!

  6. I've wanted to do this as well! I agree married is wonderfuL! dating is very over rated ;)


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