You have a NEW NAME.

Dear 2010,

It was a beautiful time we had. I am sad to see you go, but I am looking forward for the future.  New exciting things are coming our way in 2011. God is moving & is up to some BIG things for my little family.  It's such an exciting time!



Hellooooooooo to my Blogger Ladies! Greetings from 2011! It was a wonderful day filled with family & relaxation! I was praying for many things for this NEW YEAR & many many MANY things were shown to me, but ONE little area was My Blog. (SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!)

Let's get the run down.

1. Life in the Parsonage is NEVER easy.

2. Ministry is  hard.

3. I can't believe I am a Pastor's wife.

4. I've been a Pastor's Daughter for 24 years. ;)

5. I wanted to help Ministry Families & bring some encouragement to them.
How could I do that?


The world wide web.

It's a powerful source.

So... I began to pray about a NEW NAME. . . . . .


This is going to be a NEW blog.

Same old Beka. ;) But a NEW RESTORED way of doing things!

This year is going to be AWESOME! :)

P.S. Did I fail to mention that Zach and I finally picked out a name?
 I'll let you know......maybe....... before the baby is born! :)


  1. WOOP WOOP. Love the new name sis and LOVE YOU!!!! WOOP WOOP!!!!!
    P.S. This year it going to be awesome. I can't wait to see what God does through you and Zach!


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