Winter Blues.

Has it hit you yet?
Winter. Blues.
I am a winter girl. yes. I admit it. It's beautiful. But this past week was horrid.
No snow. Yucky ice. Dark days.
This is part of the winter I do not like.
The parts I do like?
Warm blankets.
Hot coffee.
Hazelnut creamer.
A good book.
A new novel you might like to read?


Superman's hot cocoa

Winter dates.
Board Games.

Taking pictures in it.
Online Shopping.
(etsy is mii fav)
I am also IN LOVE with this photography website.
Warning: There are some RISKY pictures. Some probably call them "art" while I like to call them SCANDELOUS!

There are so many things that I need to do to keep my mind from going into that 
Today. God must have known that I needed a little PICK ME UP.
It's snowing. 
It's beautiful.
(not to drive in)
So many people (me included) complain about not liking winter.
(example:this past week = ice)

When else can you be snowed in with your family?
Maybe even get lucky and have your siblings snowed in with you?
I must say... Today has brought JOY to my face & Spirit when looking out the window. 

I was reminded this morning that just like the different seasons of the weather.
We all have different seasons of life.
Everything might not be going our way, but will we stand up to the challenge?
Will we be victorious?
When we feel all alone & have these "moods" come in & sweep over us?

Will I know what to do?
Will I pass with flyyyyying colors?

My sister from another mister called me the other day & we were talking about ministry life.
She is a Youth Pastor's Wifey in KC. 
She is not only my sister, but a mentor & best friend.
She was encouraging me & telling me in everything...
Jesus is the lifter of our head.

When I hit "end call" on my phone.
I immediately thought of the verse in Psalms....
Psalms 16:11.
"You will show me the way of life, granting me the JOY of your presence and the pleasures of LIVING with you Forever."

The Lord is showing me HIS way of life. 
He is TRYING to GRANT me the JOY of HIS presence. . . 

Am I succeeding?

I believe it was James that said, 
"I count it all JOY when trials come my way.....
Knowing it is going to deepen my FAITH."

So much to learn.
So much to read.
So much to teach my little Tristan. 
So much to teach my little baby girl!
SO much to learn with my husband.

Lord, May my actions & words be pleasing to you.
Teach me YOUR WAYS. Let me TAKE hold of JOY in every moment.
Let me grasp what it means to truly love living in your the present!
Let me not complain. . . 
even about the weather!
Let me FIX my eyes on you & not my problems. 


  1. I totally agree with you! I love all of the elements of winter that you listed...and loath the ones you despise. I really appreciate how you incorporate scripture into your blog. I am going to be following you!

    You had stopped by my blog and said you were following but your not showing up on my if your so inclined please stop by again and follow! I love making new blogger friends. =)

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and following me! I LOVE your blog...and your photography :)

    (following back!)

  3. Beautiful. You are beautiful and an example to SO many... keep writing!!

  4. I loved those verses. Much needed thanks for posting :)

  5. Wonderful post and beautiful pictures!

  6. wow, what amazing picture choices! i probably stared at the picture of the library for 5 minutes. not joking.


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