The Weekend.

Words cannot describe how WONDERFUL & refreshing the weekend was to my spirit & soul!

Few of you know... 2010 was a hard year, but 2011 is a year full of PROMISES!!!! 

It was a complete last minute trip that the husbands pulled through on!

My friend, RIA & her sister in law, Steph had planned the whole thing with a couple other women!

It was a FABULOUS mini Conference! Something I needed personally! 

Ria  & I!
Ria does PHOTOGRAPHY as well! :) 
She is ROCKIN' it up in the Minneapolis area!

All of us BLOGGERS together! :) 
Here are some RANDOM shots I took of all the details. 
Women are all about details!
Everything was adorable!

My mug that RuthAnn bought me from!
Grace was our main speaker. 
The Holy Spirit was SO EVIDENT on her! 
She spoke while making pottery. 

Some decorations!

 Let me tell you.
This testimony & speaker will stick with me the rest of my life. 
She would create pottery on the stage & talk to it like 
God did to us. 
She read out of Jeremiah the story of the POTTER and the CLAY!

the potters hands. 
My favorite shot of the day!

Friends for Life. 
Changed by the MINI conference!
We are still flying high from it!
 What she made while talking. :)

Such a refreshing time & I cannot wait for our MINI Ladies Conference at our church!


  1. YAY!! Great photos B! :-) What an amazing time of refreshment... so special you were a part of it to!!!! <3 <3

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! WOOHOO! Yay! I am sooooo glad you guys came!!!!

  3. Gosh, I wish I had conferences like that to go to! It sounds so empowering!

    Also, that mug is fantastic! :)

  4. Awesome to read about!!! Can tell it was a very blessed time for you all! God is good! Glad you were able to get there, and be touched/blessed!

  5. Hey! I'm glad you found me! I love your blog by the way!! The pictures you got from this past weekend are amazing!!

  6. love it... I want the mug!! I am so happy that REFRESHED you!


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