Today is a day of fabulousness.
Let's not forget that it is 1 day closer to my 2nd favorite HOLIDAY ever! 
The day of LOVE.

I talked with a couple of my creative friends about doing a GIVEAWAY for the DAY OF LOVE.
Let's meet the lovely ladies that will be giving to this lovely giveaway. 

Ruth Ann & her LOVELY family!
Check out her blog HERE!
She is ALSO on Etsy!
(search for HaddyGrace)

She has so graciously given YOU the option of 
ANY shoes you want!!!!!!!
(Please note: THESE are for babies. Choose style/size) 

Here are some of MY favorites!

SUPER cute, right? Yes. Your little one will be STYLISH!
(just because you don't have any kids yet, DOESN'T mean to pass up on this giveaway. Makes an ADORABLE baby shower gift or BIRTHDAY present!)

Now.... Let's meet our OTHER beautiful GIVER.
Britanie Ramirez.
Who doesn't have a blog.....yet! But you can check her out on facebook & etsy!
(Etsy: rainy rose  facebook: pinkytoes baby)

 Brit with her gorgeous family. :)

 Brit is putting a SPECIAL 1 of a kind 

Now.... She is my DIVA FRIEND!!! :)
She makes some BEAUTIFUL headbands & adorable baby things!
So... THERE IS A GREAT possibility that you could be getting some of my "favorite things"
Here are some of her LATEST styles/designs.
(she is ALWAYS doing new things!)

 Valentines GIRL shirt. :)
HINT: She makes BOYS V-day shirts as well! :) 

Now. I know what you are thinking.... 
Another giveaway that I have to do a million things to even be CONSIDERED.
Well, this is NOT TRUE, my friends!

All you have to do is this...........
your favorite V-day(love) Story.

No. It doesn't have to be EXACTLY on the day of LOVE.
But just ABOUT your love story!
Maybe your love story is still unfolding?
Maybe it's 10 years down the road already with 5 kids?
Maybe you are spending your 1st V-day together THIS YEAR?!
Maybe you are announcing to your husband you are PREGNANT.........again?
:) WHATEVER it may be.....

The WINNER will be announced 2.11.11.
My husband & I, along with an anonymous judge will read through them & decide the WINNER! :)
It doesn't have to be LONG.
Just rated G. ;)
The WINNERS email will be POSTED for all to read! :)

I am looking for something that could beat Pride & Prejudice people! (mii favorite)

So go ahead! 
Leave a comment & tell me how excited you are for this contest! 
I seriously am SUPER excited.
Probably because I know how AWESOME the designers are & what they can do to your style or BABY'S style!

OK. Start your emails! 

And I dare you...
make me cry over this love story! 



  1. Ohhh what a fun idea :0) Thanks for the shout-out sweet friend!!!!!!!!!!!! You are SO creative and lovely. BLESSINGS!!

  2. What a Fabulous give away!

    Also just a heads up I changed my blog url so if you could add


    to your "follow feed now" I would appreciate it! Otherwise my blog updates won't show up in your feed :) Also I see that you have my Blog Button on your page, the code for that has changed as well! If you woudn't mind grabbing the new one on my blog too I would apprecaite it! Thanks for the help friend!

  3. Ahhhh!! Love it!! :)

    www.ikeandlib.blogspot.com is my new url! :)

    I will be sending MINE......hahahah:)

  4. Beka this looks pretty cool. I just noticed this on Facebook. If you ever need some more prizes to give away for another prize giveaway please let me know, and I would be happy to contribute. Maybe a pampering kind of gift package? It would be something from Shaklee, as this is what I have to offer, as I do this as a business on the side from my regular job :)I like to contribute some of the profits to Feed My Starving Children and other charities. If you wanted to check out my website and look for some items and let me know, I could always drop ship some items to you. This would be super fun!!!
    www.lamminen.myshaklee.com I was thinking the hand and body lotion or the shower gel for starters, and could add a baby item in or toddler item in too. Please email me and let me know if you would like to have me send stuff to you and when you would need it by.... maybe for mothers day even??? :) kevin.lamminen@gmail.com
    by the way this is Ryan's brother :)


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