Pregnant Freak.

When my doggie, Vixen was pregnant....
I called her a "Pregnant Freak" quite a few times. 

Well, Now.....
I might just know why she was a freak.

(taken with my phone)

So. I've decided. . . 
I'm starting my own group!
Who wants to join the Pregnancy Freak Group?
No takers...

I don't know about the other pregnant women out there, but I've noticed that when I get pregnant my face starts to get super long......(I've already got a long face) 
& my nose starts to widen. 
I don't know what it's going for.....
So far my feet have stayed the same size this pregnancy.

.........but I guess they never shrunk back to the
 7 1/2 they were before Tristan's pregnancy!

Oh well. :) 

I guess I can always be known as the Pregnant Freak. :)
26 weeks & counting. :) 


  1. I too am a Pregnant Freak! In the SAME boat as you right now. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I just feel like an emotional wreck, with a nose that is getting widder and duck feet.

  2. I am not a pregnant freak... but I am a freak! By nature! haha! You are the prettiest pregnant freak ever known!

  3. Whatever -- BOO YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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