Mystery Friday unveiled.

Yep. This little "L" has something to do with our little girls name. :)
When Superman gives me the "OKAY" I will SHOUT HER NAME from the rooftop! 

 WHY YES... This will be my NEW curtains for my living room!
My talented, beautiful, God loving friend...
is putting them all together for me! :) 

go check out her blog!

& yesssssssssssssssssssss.
This CD player is SAVING my life.
OR... should I say.
My Kitchens life?
My daddy and marmee got this for me for christmas. 
My Superman put it up for me! 
It's brilliant! 
It's magnificent!
I love having music in my kitchen! part.... of..... meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :) 
I know. I know. The Christmas Season is over.... but 1 thing I keep up for a long time are
beautiful pictures!
AKA---> Christmas CARDS!
I didn't have enough room for ALL of them this year on this board. 
So... I have to put some on my fridge. But here are some of my beautiful 
friends Christmas cards! 

Well... Tristan and I are off to watch Sesame Street. :)
We are still in are PJ's & we are ENJOYING the day! 

Since when did Sesame Street get a new THEME SONG?!?!?!
I was in shock! :)



  1. So fun!! I see our picture :-) LOVE IT!! Thanks friend! You are so cute. Can't wait to find out what "L" stands for.

    P.S. Have you been more sick with this pregnancy? That is what they say about girls... just wondering if it was true for yoU!?

  2. "Libby" is the cutest name!!!! :-) So happy I am the namesake...hehehehhe!

  3. Don't you love Sesame Street?? And the totally awkward celeb cameos? Too perfect. Peyton and I love us some Sesame Street on nearly a daily basis.... ;) Great entertainment for her while I nurse Britany!

    Can't WAIT to hear your little lady's name! Seriously, I'm SO excited!!!

    And P.S.... your new curtains are TO DIE for! Can I steal them, please?!

  4. I know some L names... But I won't write them just in case I get one right... :)


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