In the Nati!

Our first Floyd Master's Commission Trip!
What a fun & crazy 12 hour drive to my Superman's hometown! 
We have been here since Saturday!
We are staying with Zach's Aunt! :) 

here are some pictures for you from this weekend! :)

Ok. This 1 isn't from this past weekend, I just wanted to share this! YESSSSSSS.
These are my little men! 
 Pregnancy with Friends!
26 weeks! :) I cannot believe it!
Almost done. 
 We surprised Zach's Grandpa Kelley! (pops)
We sent Tristan in 1st & he screamed & Tristan didn't want to go in anymore... LOL! He got scared!!! 
 A beautiful photo! :)
Zach is sooooooo good with Tristan! He is DADDY'S BOY! 
 Zach will pray over him & that will calm Tristan down!
it's such a beautiful thing. . . . . 

 Megan & I enjoying some Larosa's ! :) 
Yes. That is some goooood pizza from Cincinnati. 
(belly-26 weeks)



  1. Ohh I love the face snuggle picture. way too cute!

  2. Cute, Cute, Cute!! Is that Brittany's sister that is pregnant? SO EXCITING!

  3. You are so beautiful & seeing the picture of Z praying over T, warms my heart deeply! Love you!

  4. GOOD times Beka! :) Enjoy these moments and at least you have a camera AND a blog to document it LOL!!! See ya when ya get back!


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