I love friends. I love making new friends. I adore my old friends. Friends are part of what makes my week go round.  Fact. You can never have too many friends. I've always heard my mom say that.... I do know it is true in my heart.

Superman & I were invited over to a friends house tonight. It was refreshing. It was needed. It was wonderful. I'm home & in complete "relaxation" mode. I'm ready for bed. I needed tonight, because my morning was rough. 

My sister.... my baby sister went back to Virginia today. She left with her husband & headed back to finish her school year out. She will be graduating from college in May. We are making a trip out there to see her. 

I can't wait. 

My heart was numb today when she left. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I came home & of course, Tristan was over due for a nap... So I put little man down in his bed.  All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch, grab my favorite blanket & pillow and sleep. 

So I did.

Tonight was what I needed. It made this day successful. It made it bearable. 

My heart still longs for my sister to be back, but I am thinking POSITIVE.
I'm 24 weeks. 
which means....
16 more weeks until I get to meet my BABY GIRL and see my sister. 

16 more weeks! 

I will not sulk. I will not make these 16 weeks miserable.

I will enjoy them like I did tonight!

I will spend them with my friends. 

I love my friends! 

Do you meet together weekly with your friends? Do you go to MOPS?  

What do you treasure most about your friends? 

Treasure your friends. 

Also. REMEMBER.....
It takes being a friend... to get a friend! 
Never be scared to make new friends!


  1. I love my friends...haha, I think I spend more time with them than I do with my boyfriend! On another note, I nominated you for an award on my blog! :)


  2. TEARRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... I have been avoiding you like the plague. Don't ever do that to me again... I was being so strong... "Turn the video off, libby"... bhahaha! I love you too much it hurts... literally. :)

  3. You're planting seeds of peace as you decide to be happy for the remainder of your pregnancy. Good choice! stopping by from Crafty Crystal-congrats on the blog award. blessings on your day!


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