Da' Belly. Da' Belly.

As Tristan was taking a nap yesterday afternoon, I thought to myself..."I sure haven't taken many pictures for "me" lately. 
I've been wanting to take a picture of our house in the WINTER for so long.
It hasn't been very pretty lately. Ice. ICE. ICE!!!!!!!!!
(notice the 2 shovels ready for SMASHING IT!)
Ice scares me. 
1 fall could send me right into preterm labor. 

Let's count how many pictures I have taken of myself during this pregnancy.
All together now.

Yep. 1 little picture........
SO. Here is another one of da' bump!
23 weeks.....

This week I have certainly POPPED out!

Oh. & yesssssssssssssssss.
This picture.
Tristan got these letters to play with on the fridge.....so yesterday....while Tristan was napping....I had a little fun!!! :)
What do you think this could mean?

Any takers? Any thoughts? Any suggestions?

P.S. My Bachelor Blog post will be up later on today. I didn't get a chance to watch it last night. . . . only little glimpses! Due to this new...... digital tv. (not a fan)

We don't watch much TV around here... so i had to FIND an antennae and attempt to hook it up!
Hysterical sight! Hysterical Photo coming your way with that blog!


  1. Cute! I think you are naming your little girl something with an L!!!!!! I can't wait to hear what it is :-) ;) Do share!!

  2. I didn't know you were a Bachelor blogger (or maybe I knew and didn't remember???) Fun! I'll be back to see what you have to say.

  3. I know I know!!! Awww!! Love the belly pic!!! <3

  4. Please don't be Lilian! *smiles* Maybe Lacy, Lalita, Lynette, Lynn...

  5. how cute is your baby bump!! and i can't wait to hear your bachelor post. i need to do mine too



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