Bradley. Take 2. First Impressions.

Tristan is down for a nap. {Check}
Incredibly large bowl of KIX {Check}
Watching the Bachelor on Hulu {Check}
Comfy blanket {CHECK!}

We will DIVE IN! Shall we?
I'm absolutely horrible  with names..... So I shall make this nice and easy for y'all!

Don't want him to pick:

The dentist. (she talks to her patients while cleaning their teeth...she is ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!! She does not just talk to them, but asks questions......) "YY EEEE  III AWW AHHH HUU" Didn't understand that?  Me either.  NOTE: She does have gorgeous teeth.

The Vampire. (nuff' said)

The girl that works out with her LOOOOOOOOOOOONG hair down.

The sales woman that works for her daddy that lives with 2 cats & has "everything" as she says.

Man! They sure have some TEAR JERK stories this season, don't they? OOFTA!

While the opening credits rolled & Bradley was talking about how much he has changed. . . .
The thought came to my mind...

"WHY WAS IT SO WRONG that he DID NOT pick 1 of those girls?"
SUUUUUURE. He kissed both girls. He probably told them THEY WERE THE ONE, but afterall.... It's his decision to make! And... COME ON! PU---LEASE... Why pick someone when 6 months later(IF EVEN THAT) they will break up and become an ugly couple! :/

end vent.

What you guys didn't know was that I made a Guest Appearance on the show last night.
Yep. While Bradley was running & the cameraman was on a skateboard following him... I was the young girl in pink shorts that looked like she was about to collapse while "running"....

SERIOUS! That poor girl! HOW EMBARRASSING!!! I about spit out all my KIX when I saw that clip.  Another poor young victim thrown in the ditch by Reality TV.

Jenny & DeAnna made a little appearance.


DeAnna. Move on. Look at your ring! It's blinding..... your cackle was evil and you had wanna be Kim Kardashian hair. BLAH BLAH BLAH. . . . I've never been your BIGGEST BACHELOR/ETTE fan.

Jenny. You want Bradley. I can tell. You are just jealous that you weren't asked to be back.

NOTE: I bet those girls took their BLINGS to get cleaned right before they came out on stage.

Random Thoughts by Beka.

Pretty sure that Texas has kept this Reality Show ALIVE. Seriously. I think HALF of Texas has applied to be on this show.!!!!

Chantal. . .Producers Pet. (girl that slapped him)

Bradley reminds me of Jake. . .

Girl with Spice Girl HOT PINK platform shoes. . . WOA.

I like Carissa. (Sports woman)

I like Ashley(is that her name?) The Southern girl that lives in New York. :) (Wow. Beka... way to explain half the girls there)

Pinky Swearer girl in YELLOW dress.... You. be. crackin. me. up.

Kansas girl in Ruby red slippers. Cute. I like you.

Emily. Your dress is gorgeous! You are gorgeous! I LOVE YOU! You put Barbie to SHAME!


  1. Ahahahahahahaha! Vampire nuff said is RIGHT!!!

  2. Looking forward to your weekly updates as usual. I will be watching, in my bed under the covers with my dvr every monday night =)

  3. I love your commentary on the show. I totally agree with everything you said. I like emily and the southern girl from NY.. I am so happy she got the first impression rose. I hope you continue doing this every week :)


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