Bradley. Take 2. Episode 3.

Getting a JUMP start. 
1-1 DATE with

Ashley S.
What a sweetheart! I just adore her accent. She was right... her accent sounds sweet, but her singing voice..... not so much! 

I am proud they at least SUNG OUT & took it all in! 

No man would ever NOT HAND out a rose on this date...I mean...
.AFTER Ashley telling him everything. 
Yep. We all knew she was sticking around.
I don't mind it at all!
She seems so genuine!
I always LOVE a SOUTHERN Accent!!!

I mean. . . . Really. 
2nd Group date for her.
* insert evil laughter* 

Funny Quotes.

"I prefer not to sweat today in front of Brad."
"Brad's like really good at this."
"I'm such a bad girl. I'm channeling my inner Angelina Jolie."
"I wish these ninjas would haul half of these girls & take them to the desert."
"What is she doing right now....She is trying to go from the extra to the leading actress....."
"When I kiss Brad....I'm gonna give him"

Yes. You all need to know....
HALF of those quotes are from OURS TRULY. 
(I did edit them. this is a family friendly-God loving blog)
Michelle is a baby.
Michelle has a baby. 
She's a parent. 

Shawntel. (got the rose)
FINALLY she is stepping OUT.
I am starting to like her more and more!
Shawntel & Chantal. 
Yep. Yep. Yep. 

What is going on with all these SOB STORIES?!
I mean... I feel like everyone on this season has one!!!
(sidenote: does bradley paint his nails??)


enough said.
ok maybe not....
She is just putting Barbie to shame more and more.
I felt awful for her. I did. 
stupid tv show....
Taking advantage of my pregnant self. 

Why is this bachelor  season so EMOTIONAL?!
Is anyone else feeling this way?
I tear up on this season!!!!
Especially this episode more than EVER!

Bradley drives lots of sports cars.
Michelle is living up to her name. 
Emily is gorgeous.
Ashley S. has thee sweetest accent.
Girls need to put on more clothes. 
Shawntel is like the All American pretty to me.
Chantall is CRACKIN me up!
Bradley is completely playing the role as a therapist. 
I think the producers really SEARCHED the globe for 
these women & their stories.
How can I like so many girls for Brad?
Who are your top favorites?


Ashley S. 

Ok. After watching/hearing every girl speak.
Did you notice a pattern? 
Daddy's being absent. 
Daddy's gone. 
2 daddy's (I believe) have died. :( 

It makes me just absolutely so sad. 
Other girls have shared that they never met their dad. 
They didn't know where their dad was. 
Chantall's story breaks my heart. 

On a lighter note. 
Bradley is possibly going to go into therapy after this show. 
I mean... Like.... 
Bradley is the therapist. 
Have you noticed that? 
He might just .....kiss.... a lot of his female clients. ;)
(ashley H)

Last minute thoughts......
Who is Staci?
Where did she come from?
Next week seems....
Michelle VS. Chantall. 

Who is going home?.......
I think Michelle. 
What about you?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I think all of the "daddy issues" are a pretty strong argument for this batch of girls having been picked for Chris from Ali's season. Remember his mom died and he had this sweet/sad story? I think they did that so the girls could relate to him...But he fell through and now Brad gets them all.
    It's a good thing he's bachelor-turned-therapist b/c he's got his work cut out for him! :)

  2. LOL... hysterical. We are TEAM EMILY. What a class act and she is beautiful. But seeing as none of the relationships ever work, I feel bad hoping she gets picked. Can't wait for next week =)


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