Bradley. Take 2. Episode 2.

I got to watch EPISODE 2 this morning.
I sorta....... kinda........ fell asleep last night and didn't wake up until 7am.
Yep. Pregnancy #2  has taken the NIGHT OWL right out of me! :)

Well... I thought Bradley handled himself nicely. I was proud to see Melissa & Rach___ (However she spells her name) go!
...I don't remember anyone else that left. 
.... or half the people he called. 

The cute little couple Ali & Roberto show up & help Bradley out. 

There were some funny things said in this episode. 

Example from Melissa: "I went and bought 1000 of dollars of new clothes & dresses & I quit my job to come on this show to find love...... I just want him to see who I really am!" 

Yep. I believe it... Oh wait. You don't? ;)

It really makes me laugh at how many people QUIT their jobs to come on this show.

I thought the Carnival date would have been fun, but I felt so bad she was in heels. 
That dress made me put a GOLD STAR by her name!
That was gorgeous!

If only Ms. Dentist girl didn't...
1. Talk like a VALLEY GIRL.. like like like
2. TOUCH HER HAIR while talking to Bradley every 2.1 seconds. 
3. Move her hands around like she can't sit still.. . . . oh wait. SHE CAN'T!

 Michelle scares me. 
She talked about her Birthday like it should be NATIONAL HOLIDAY!

Quote from her of the night...
"I seriously didn't think THIS is what I was going to be doing on my Birthday."

*face palm* 

She is DRAMA & I want to know how ALi and Roberto missed that part? :)


Sweet... Sweet Emily. 
I can't wait to see next weekends episode with you!
As much as I hate to say it...
I'm almost 98.9% certain you will not be picked Mrs. Womack, 

I am SURE HOPING you would be the next BACHELORETTE. 
I want to have you around another season. 

Well... As every season...
Slow start.
girls saying funny things. 
too much drinking.
disappointed they didn't show what shoes Jackie picked. 
Pretty dresses. 
too much skin.
too much spray tan.
girls squealing with DELIGHT when date card arrives.
pool scenes = awkward
moments where I HAVE to look away from the screen and cover my face....
Yep. Due to what people say and do.
when do they get to eat?
serious. They never really show them eating.
Or maybe they don't eat... They all are very thin.
I mean... I know they got to eat PiZZA....
Thanks to Melissa for saying that. 
"I had 4 slices... I knew I shouldn't of had the onion and olives."

The producers put that pizza out there as bait. Whoever ate it... was marked. 
The cameraman was to follow that person. 

You. were. hooked. 


I'm thinking the name Michelle is cursed on this show.

Have i mentioned I LOVE Emily?

Shawntel is sweet.

Jackie is classy & I saw nothing wrong with her only being in TWO (oh heavens) serious relationships. 

Chantall went up in my book BIG TIME when watching her. 

She seems HONEST and  strong. She knows what she wants & doesn't NEED in her life.

I was also proud of Ashley stepping in(not the dentist)...
She took on the "MOM ROLE" and split up the cat fight. :)

What did you ladies think of the night? It's always a slow start in the beginning....
Who do you think he really likes?
OOOH! I do think that Chantall does NOT like Michelle. I wonder if there will be WORDS before Michelle leaves? (that's just my guess Michelle leaves. .. . she seems selfish!) 

Who is the one that storms out next week?
Alright. let me know what you think....!

can't wait to hear your thoughts!


  1. I agree with everything you said :) I do think Michelle storms out but thats just a guess.. I think emily should be the next bachelorette if she doesn't get picked.. and I don't think its right for someone to quit their job just to be on the show. Keep up with the commentaries I love them :)

  2. We watched this show while snowed in. I even got my hubby and cousin hooked. Im glad the drama queens are gone and we LOVE emily. He should pick her. She has class and charm and is perfect!! Why DO these girls quit their jobs for this show???

  3. Oh how i love the bachelor haha. so funny how it sucks us all in. i'll admit i still have to watch the last half.. but emily is my fave!!


    ps i gave you an award go take a looksie at my blog :)

  4. I haven't been watching this season! So I am glad you are doing recaps. =) See you on Saturday!! Woohoo!! SO SO Fun! =)


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