3 little mysterious things. . .

What could this mean? 

And what will this beautiful material be turning into this next week? :)

And how has this saved my life? :)

Wanna take a guess of the 3? Why not.... GO RIGHT AHEAD! :)
I love these types of games!


  1. 1. Lola ?
    2. Crib Bedding?
    3. Listening to Christian radio = the best :)
    hmm I don't know, but I can't wait to hear the name!

  2. a clue to a name -- Lily?
    A dress?
    music makes you actually enjoy your time in the kitchen?

  3. 1. Laquesha
    2. Curtains
    3. It warned you about an ice storm right before you were going out?

  4. Livia.
    A sling.
    Being surrounded by wonderful music w/out running out the laptop battery....



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