Things I learned this weekend...

1. Subway is never good while pregnant.
in & right back UP.

2. Tristan is like me when sick. Him & myself have been sick this past weekend. 
crying. whining. wants to sleep, but can't because you are hot than cold. 
Long story short: "There is a reason why daddy is called SUPERMAN in our home!"

#3. Missing church on Sunday is like missing the CLEARANCE rack at Target.
You just don't want to miss it. 

#4. Winter really is my favorite season.
Snow is falling & while I am feeling so yucky--it sure is beautiful outside!

#5. I love shutterfly!
Our Christmas cards came in & they are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to mail them out!
Christmas cards are 1 of my FAVORITE things about this year! 
I received my 1st one of the season on Friday!

Sleep is a beautiful thing & I have missed it these past 2 nights.
Zach is a MAGICIAN when it comes to rocking a sick baby!

I have a hard time taking ones pictures when I feel like I am going to collapse. 

Always. ALWAYS. schedule the ultrasound appointment for EARLY morning! :)
yep! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY @ around 8am we will be finding out if it's 
Guesses are welcome! 

Mashed potatoes will always be my #1 favorite food.
(especially with my mamma's gravy) 

I am so THANKFUL for my sisters! It's my older sisters Birthday today!
She is the 1 that prayed me into existence! :) 
HAPPY Birthday, Rachel Michelle! 
Let's take it back to MIDDLE SCHOOL
Shall we?

R......... is for RADIANT b/c that's what YOU ARE!
A......... Is for ADORABLE because THAT is what your 
LAUGH is! 
(thanks for making me feel funny...not in a "sick" type of way, 
but HYSTERICAL...pee in your pants type way!)
C......... is for CHERISHED b/c that is how we all think of YOU!
(especially tristan!)
H....... is for HYSTERICAL...... b/c that's how you make me feel when 
you laugh at me. :) 
(am i saying this too much?)
E........... is for Excellent b/c that's what your Cheeseburger soup is! 
L...... is for ladylike b/c that's YOU to a T. :)
(you drink tea!)

N....... is for noteworthy.... b/c we could ALL learn a thing or 2 from you!
(i got this one from google) 

O...... is for Obedient b/c that's how I thought of you while growing up!
(except that 1 time I thought you got a tattoo on your lower back) 
L...... is for leader b/c You could LEAD the WORLD!
(i'll vote for you!)
T....... is for talkative b/c I have to get it from SOMEWHERE. ;)

I love you Rachel Michelle!
You are 1 of thee BEST SISTERS a sister could ask for!
Luckily GOD GAVE ME YOU! :)


Review of this blog:
What is your guess to what we are having?
Boy? Girl?



  1. BOY!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Rachel.

    Beka, you were a TROOPER for photos on Saturday, thank you.


  2. I love that you are a great photographer, that you are creative and do a blog, you always have something great to say and that you have such a close and wonderful family!

    Wish I would have realized you weren't feeling well on Saturday, though. We could have skipped our pictures! You covered too well!

  3. happy bday! y'all are face twins! LOVE IT! love sisters. oh so special!!! i think it's a girl!

  4. happy birthday!!! i love these pictures. they're so fun!!

    baby onesies

  5. YAY RACHEL!! Happy Birthday to her :-) ANd... I love this blog! CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT TOMORROW! I SAY PINK! ;) mostly... because I want you to have a baby girl!


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