Tristan is walking around like he is 2. 
It melts my heart.
He communicates so well for a 1 year & 3 month-er. (yes i know that word does not exist) 
He is such a wild, but sensitive boy.
I hope we are doing a good job of raising him.
His new favorite toy are his blocks. 
He loves to build them up & does so well for his age. 
He says new things ALL the time.
I can't keep track.
He knows what he wants & doesn't want.
He shakes his head no when  he doesn't want it. :)
I love that!

He just makes my heart flutter. 

baby #2

18 weeks & 3 days.
That is what I am today.
We went to the doctor yesterday(ILOVEMYDOCTOR!)
He adores Tristan.
He always tells us that he is so pretty he could be a girl. :) 
(this is an old picture. I am only 16 weeks here)

18 weeks seems to be the time where I POP.
(it was with Tristan too)
I have a short   NO torso so I always appear BIGGER than I really am.
(that's what my doctor/nurse/ultrasound tech told me...so I am just going with it)
I am showing "2 weeks" ahead of my due date(may 2) 
They told me this all with Tristan. They tell me there is a chance I could go before my due date b/c there won't be any room.
Tristan didn't come until the 5th. (was due on the 31st)

We will see when this little baby makes his/her entrance!

Cravings are still ONLY vegetables. 
Meat makes me want to vomit.

I am loving spinach. :)


I'm going to go get some DECAF coffee & hazelnut creamer in my system!

If you were ever pregnant, what did you crave?
Could you tell a difference when you were pregnant with a girl & boy by what you craved?
FILL ME IN Mamma's! 


  1. Kids are amazing. I don't have kids, but I have one nephew and one niece. Congratulations :)

  2. I have actually craved the EXACT same things this pregnancy as I did with #1. Which is why I was CONVINCED this was another girl, and completely SHOCKED at my u/s when I found out HE is all BOY!! However, nothing else has been the same as #1 from weight gain to morning sickness to how I'm carrying.

  3. @ Miss
    My cravings are the EXACT same, but everything else has been completely different. :) I do think it's a girl........ but not sure... everyone around me is having a boy!!!!! :)

  4. I have 2 girls, and I craved completely opposite things with each!!! With my first, I craved BRUSCHETTA! Lots and lots of Bruschetta. I ate it everyday for lunch... no exaggeration. I also craved lots of fruit. Oranges, strawberries... everything healthy. Only gained 26 pounds. With this girl? I'm all chocolate. All I want all day long is chocolate. Anything rich and delicious and terrible for me... weight gain this time around? I'm 36 weeks and already have gained 36 pounds. Whew. That's a pound a week, baby! Lets just say I'll be hitting the gym BIG TIME after delivery ;)

    T is so beautiful! Love that picture :) I agree with your doctor... he is pretty... but in a very distinctly manly sort of way ;) Hey I forgot, are you finding out the gender of this little one?

  5. Aww! I read your love story and it is just wonderful! I love finding other believers out there in blog land!
    Your little boy is precious!
    So glad to be your newest follower.

  6. I didn't have a ton of cravings, but my pregnancies were different. Max was SOOO active in my belly (first kick at 18 wks) non stop...really how he is today and Ali....I didn't feel her kick til like week 23 and she was so laid back and calm..how she is today:) lol. So thats how I knew that it was gonna be a girl the 2nd time for me.

  7. I craved pasta with alfredo sauce (the crappy microwave meal type) and ruby grapefruit. Together (as in, not mixed together but one right after the other).

  8. With Lilian I craved refried beans and chocolate milk like crazy. I literally had friends bringing me chocolate milk to work and a gallon always in my fridge at home.

  9. with Everett i craved all healthy things, no soda, fruits, veggies, no meat. with Emma it was all bad stuff PIzza Hut Pizza and DQ were my bffs lol. now with this one im back to the healthier stuff. I have guessed the sex right with the older two. (this one is a surprise) but more of a 6th sense lol not really like i am caring any differnt.


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