Tis the Season for non stop eating, racing to family Christmas', neglecting your house, not doing any laundry, cleaning out the old toys & bringing IN the NEW! (Tristan's room........ is........ a disaster area)

Since Christmas is over.... I am going to take down my DRY tree tomorrow & try to play CATCH UP this week.

I am reflecting on 2010! (yes. i know. i'm so original) I am starting my TO DO LISTS for 2011.
What do I want for this year?

What do I need to happen this next year?

Prayer requests needing some attention!?

Secret areas in my life that need attention?

Blog goals for this year?

Just starting to think........ :)

What are some of your goals for 2011?

Please... share your heart!
I will be sharing mine when it is COMPLETE!

Hope your Christmas was as special as mine.