New Year, New Theme, New Post, New Blog.

I wish I was one of those people that could remember what happened in every month, but LO, I am not. :) 
I am a FLY by your pants type gal. 
(can someone explain that quote to me?) 

If it wasn't for the LAST MINUTE. 
I would get nothing done. 
I love and thrive to be the organized HOUSE WIFE, MOMMY, & pastor's wifey. . . 
But Lo, I am not. :) 
(I think that just sounds fun!!!) 

But LO..... 
ok. Moving on!

I have put together my FAVORITE pictures from 2010! 
:) YIPPEEE!!! 

So, here. we. gooooooooooooooo. go. go. go. go. (Tristan's new saying) 

Date day..... or Day date. :) Whatever you like to say! 

Tristan's day at the park with Mommy!

My favorite picture of us. GASP* Doesn't it just seem like something from Pride & Prejudice? Or maybe something Jane Austen would write about? I think so too. ;)

1 night we went spying. :) 1 of my BFF's Bethany. :) (designer/owner of Merci Headbands)
We laughed so hard this night. SUCH FUN!

Tristan showing me some love.
Photos not meant to happen, but my sister snapped..... I adore it!

Family Photos taken from Chels! Love this one! 

Another 1 by Chels!! :) Love his chubby cheeks!

Time at the pool! :)
I got that hat while thrifting! 

Ugh. When I see him. he melts my heart. Those eyes. . . . . .

He got his daddy's eyes. ;) LUCKY!

ANother 1 by Chels! My bracelet I made when we were dating! :) 

Hot summer day turned into SPLASHING in the stroller! :) 

Another family shot. :) I love it! 

Birthday Boy turns 1. :) 

1st belly shot I took with baby GIRL! :) 

Tristan enjoying the fall day! :) 

My favorite photo from the day we went to the cabin! :) 

Tristan and Prince Eric enjoying some snuggles. :) 

Announcing we are pregnant with baby #2! :) 

Those are my favorites from 2010! As you can probably tell by all my :) :) :) I am just so giddy about what God is doing & that it is going to be a NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

This truly is the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! 

God is placing so many things on my heart for this blog & my family for this next coming year. 

I am excited to announce there will be some CHANGES to my blog! 


HINT: A new name perhaps?
It's been brewing for a couple months & I wanted to pray about it. . 
Well, God showed me what I need to do. :) So... LOOK OUT JANUARY! 

I always pray for a THEME for the year. 
(i am a woman that loves themes.)

It is so evident in my little family that THAT is exactly what we have TASTED this year. 

In more ways than  1... God showed us the beautiful magnificent way of Restoring HIS WAY. Not ours. :)

I wouldn't have had it any other way!

This year... God has shown me that OUR theme for 2011

The Harvest. 

Another word that sticks with me(&my sissy LIBBY) 


:) God has given her a couples verses that she has shared with me that have BLOWN me out of the water. 
Something I want to APPLY to my life for TWENTY-ELEVEN! 

Well, my Bloggeeeeeee friends. :)
TIme for this mamma to go get ready for our New Year's Eve service. 
My marmee and i are LEADING worship tonight!
Let's just say....
I've got a feeling tonight's gonna be a gooooooooooood night!

Nothing like WORSHIPING Jesus while welcoming the new year! :)

Love you much!


  1. Good post! Cute pics (as always.) Happy New Year!

  2. Cute pictures! Does Tristan's hat say Okoboji in the 2nd picture? I went to basketball camp there growing up! :)

  3. why are you so cute?

    so happy to have found your blog!

  4. okay, adorable adorable adorable family. you guys are too much! i'm so excited to read more, i love your pictures and the way you word your sentences (english major geek, WHAT?!)

    following you back! (and super excited about it too!)


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