Things I learn from my sister.

Many times I find myself placing my HOPE in friendships, in people, in their words, in how I feel, in how people react to me.....In their actions towards others.

If it is negative.... it effects me.
If it is positive..... it effects me.


As a FIRM believe in God & His word.... why would I do that? Why should their reactions & words effect me?
I do not live for praise or acceptance towards man.

I live for God & always want to act & live how HE wants me to live.

Brings me to my "OH YES" moment....

When my sister asked me "What are you placing your HOPE IN?" 

It made me check my life.
Why was I placing so much HOPE in other people?

My Hope is in God. My HOPE comes from God.

What can MAN DO TO ME?

So where there is hurt.......... place healing Lord.
Where there is hate............ place LOVE Lord.

Where there is misunderstanding................ place wisdom Lord.

Where there is pride.................... place humility Lord.

Where there is weakness................ place STRENGTH Lord.

For you.... What are you placing your Hope in?

Remember... God is in the RESTORING business. 

He understands it all. He sees. He knows your name. Place your HOPE in Him & let him put the pieces of life back together...

Hope you love this video as much as I do. 
Tears were streaming down my face when I watched this!
God knows!

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  1. You are so right - I struggle with placing too much importance on what other people think of me, instead of worrying more about pleasing the Lord. But His opinion IS the one that really matters!
    I just found your blog, and I've been enjoying reading it! :-)

  2. My only hope is in the Lord..great encouraging words right here. Thanks :)


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