Our Saturday Morning.

Always starts with Tristan wanting me to get up. 
Then, we check on Vixen & her baby!
Prince Eric. 
He's 3 weeks old now.
Eyes open{check}
getting pretty FAT{check}
trying to walk{check}
He is learning everything right on schedule! 
He is such a CUDDLE BUG!! He has to be SUPER close to your face and feel loved!
 This is more the color of his coat! He was trying to move out of the blankets here. 

 Another good shot of his real color.... :) Don't you just LOVE his curly hair?
His ears melt my heart!

 Did I take too many pictures? :) 
 My favorite!!!!!!!!!

Our Saturday is going to be spent playing games, wrestling, cleaning, & trying not to miss daddy so much! Daddy had to go to a retreat this weekend! We will spend some time with Nana & Papaw! :) 

Mr. Tristan is playing with his new game he borrowed from Ruth Ann! :) 
Who by the way is a VERY talented friend! If any of you have a little girl or a niece....
Check these pictures out 

TOO CUTE, right?!? Well, she is selling these! So Check out her 

Or her

Tell her Beka sent ya!


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  1. He is SO adorable! I want to snuggle him!

  2. Me tooooo! What a cutie! Reminds me of when our golden retriever was just a little puppy... about 100 pounds and 9 years ago. :)


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