Happy Birthday, Libby!

It's my SISTER'S Birthday! Happy 22nd Birthday, Libby Lois!

You brighten up our WHOLE family by just your presence in the room. 
You bring such JOY to people & you bring JESUS to them by your words of encouragement & heart of GOLD.

You are such a little MAE that I cannot even THINK of a person MORE like Granny in your Spirit & SPUNK & (good) strong will. 

You have thee sweetest little FACE that I could just KISS every time I see you! :) 
You are LOVED. You are CHERISHED in my little FOX family. I had your TWIN of a nephew just for you. ;) 
When I look at these pictures of our life together.... Not  moment goes by when I think...

She was definitely Pocahontas.....MULAN....
The greatest WARRIOR PRINCESS' around. :) 
You are a fighter & strong woman of God. 
You have such a beautiful spirit on the INSIDE & you are GORGEOUS on the outside. 

You are the ultimate best friend & sister.
You're the cream in my coffee, You're the broth in my stew. ;) 

I love you, Libby!
Have a blessed Birthday!
(& missed) 

Libby and I with our Easter Bunnies. :) 

Always playing in the sand box. :) 

Life after Volleyball practice.
(yes. we are sleeping) 

The day you REALLY got married. :)
I always thought you guys were married...... So it wasn't an adjustment for me for you when you are married.  So natural!

My beautiful Sisters. :)
(even then lib... are are wearing my clothes. ) HAHAHAHA!

On our way to your Bridal Shower. :)

Watching Ike play Basketball, I believe. :)
Remember. ;) I'm always on Isaac's side. hahahaha!

I'm so blessed to have 2 BEAUTIFULLY GORGEOUS SISTERS IN MY LIFE! :) Inside & out. :) 
Libby Lois,
Have a FABULOUS Birthday & know that you are loved, missed, cherished, & I can't wait to spend CHRISTMAS WITH YOU! ORRRRRRRRRRR  I cannot wait to see you GRADUATE from COLLEGE!!!! :) 


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  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWEEE!! I LOVE THIS, BEKA!! YOU are soooo sweet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! P.S. This is Libby, but I didn't want to sign in my account.. bahaha. :)

  2. SO SO SO SO SO SWEET! Libby is a dear woman... 22 years of life and THRIVING! :)


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