Why I love being married....

Because it is nothing like  Hollywood portrays it. 

You can be yourself. 
 Z* gave me him.........

 You have someone to be CRAZY with....

You look back at the dating years & still get butterflies.... 

You can remember the day you got engaged & think....

"Wow. That was THEE best proposal EVER."

You look back at your Engagement pictures & can remember what he said to me when this photo was captured. 

I can remember always thinking about my wedding....
What it would be like....

I never really thought about my life after. I didn't PLAN anything for that. 

It just happened.

:) I think God has been so good to me. He saw what I wanted & knew what needed. He made this WHIRLWIND of a man.... whom I like to call Superman. God gave him to me. He decided to put "Zach & Beka" together. I love being married to Zach. I love being married to the man God handpicked for me. I love that he pursued me. I love how romantic he is. I love that he looks at me randomly through out the day & says..."Beka, you are so cute. " 

I love being married to my soulmate. I love being married to a man of God. I love that in our marriage he always wants to work things out, talk about things, pray about things together.... 

I love that he loves me. I love that he inspires me. 

Many of my single, beautiful friends ask me, "How did you know that Zach was the one?"

(Despite God showing me in my devotions 1 morning....)

I tell them this.

Love. Is. Simple. 

It's not  this KICK you in your gut & toss around your insides. :) (what a picture...i know) Loving Zach...came so easy. so simple. It was so simple to love him & want to be his wife. No fuss or drama about it. I knew he wanted me, just as much as I wanted him. Our love is even.
 It has the BUTTERFLY in your tummy moments, but honestly, Zach makes me WANT to be a better person. Zach tells me SUCK IT UP when I want to cry and sulk on the couch. Zach hugs me when I don't FEEL like being hugged. Zach completely makes life better. He doesn't bring drama in our relationship. He doesn't bring his "WANTS and NEEDS"..... He is absolutely my Superman. 

I know some of you are calling me... Mrs. Cheesy for calling him that. But, That is HONESTLY the only way I can describe my husband. 

He is my Superman. He is trying to make this ordinary girl become Superwoman. 

I love living life with Zach. I am so honored to be his bride. 

I love you, Z*. 

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  1. B* you are one of the most wonderful, crazy, beautiful the list is endless person I know. You need Z* as much as he needs you. Saying cheesy because he is your Superman.....NO everyone needs a Superman in their lives. Love is the greatest thing in the world. I am proud and thankful to call you friend. Your blogs and FB postings have helped me when I'm down. You are a inspiration to all of those around you.

  2. Loved this post! Marriage really is a wonderful, mysterious, magical journey.


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