Fall Mini Sessions went FAB-UUU-lous. :) 
It was a BUSY day, but Oh soooooooo well worth it! :) 

I can't believe the prefect weather we had. 
SO thankful that God gave us SUNSHINE and not this bitter cold that is settling in. 
I can't get over how WINTER is settling in now.
No, I'm not complaining...
Because WINTER is my favorite season.
Remember? :) 
Movies like Little Women, White Christmas, Elf, You've Got Mail. :)

OOOOOOOOOH! I love this time of year!
I just saw my friend put up her tree! She is a CHRISTMAS FANATIC! :) 
It made me so excited to go Christmas Shopping today!

I am so thankful for the women God has placed in my life. A group of us are going to go Christmas thrifting around local shops & then have lunch together!
HOW FUN! :) 

I might just have to drink some coffee..... ya know... since it is just SUPER COLD!
{and i have an obsession with it} 

Here are some pictures from the FALL Mini Sessions! :)
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HAPPY TUESDAY everyone! 

I hope your days are filled with Friends,Coffee, & CHRISTMAS THRIFTING! :) 

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  1. these pics are awesome!!! i did in fact have some coffee this morning.... :)

  2. Beka, you are so talented. I love the picture of Baby Eliza. So perfect.


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