It has been one. busy. fall. season. 

I am trying to stay afloat, but the waves of life keep sucking me under. :) (emo sounding... i know) 

I have so much to be thankful for. I absolutely LOVE the stage of life I am in right now. I am truly blessed. I have such a wonderful husband. He is so romantic, sweet, funny, goofy, & passionate about God. I have 1 of thee cutest 1 year old boys I have ever met. Tristan is the JOY of our lives these days.... He just fills our house with noise & rawrs. He is officially walking now. He started walking right after his Birthday in September. It was like he thought, "I've scooted for a year, now it's time for something new." Just took off 1 day. He in into EVERYTHING now. Which keeps Mamma B busy! I've had my fair share of SCARES finding him at the top of the stairs. EEEK! 

Gate: Purchased and installed. 

Well.. We are pretty sure I am not the only one pregnant in our house. Our dog, Vixen will be popping out the puppies here shortly. Shortly... meaning... I have absolutely NO idea. :) She is just SURE showing signs... Hopefully not a FALSE pregnancy, because we would really love to sell some Goldendoodles before Christmas time!

Let's be honest....
the person that doesn't like puppies might as well be ______________________________. (insert something harsh here) 

God is truly REFRESHING me with His presence lately. Sunday Mornings, Sunday Nights, Wednesday Nights, & morning prayers have been OUT. OF. This. WORLD. GOOD! Isn't His Love SOOOOO refreshing? 

Off to go Edit more pictures!

YAYYY! :) I will share with you when they are finished... for now... :) 

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  1. yay for busy fall time. i just love your blog :)
    and i would give anything for a puppy! wishful thinking! if only.

  2. love your post today! i LOVE that you LOVE puppies! haha! i'm obsessed. and yes....God is so amazing and good! hopefully things slow down a little bit for you. :) xo

  3. So glad things are so well!!! xo


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