My List.

Confession #1. 
I have been a horrible blogger friend. 

Confession #2. 
I have had time to blog, but just haven't had the words to say.

Confession #3. 
I am in a season of life where PRUNING is a must. 

Reason for my blogging today is to share with you about pruning.

Every year God gives me a "Theme" for the up coming year. . . . .
This year's theme was " Restoration!" 

Something I am learning.... Priorities. 

Read this:

If your activity keeps you from His presence, then let a pruning come. Fruitful branches aren't always the busiest.

In this season of my life-I am many things. 
Wife. Mommy. Leader. Friend. Sister. Homemaker. Caregiver. Mentor. Photographer. 

These titles can take up so much time in my day. 
I am learning.... OR... rather shall I say... God is pruning me. He is showing me what I DO need to place at the "TOP" of the list & what doesn't need to be there. 

While listening to my husband speak(I wish you all could hear him speak-MAN. OF. GOD.) He speaks with such Authority and Passion. Let's just say this... When Z* speaks, Satan shakes. :) 

When Z* was speaking I began to see that I was placing things IMPORTANT things on that back burner. 

What is important?


T* is important. No, I wasn't SLACKING in my "1-1 time" with him. We play, eat, read, cuddle all the time! 
It goes deeper than that. It was the time I spent with JESUS. The time I need to spend with HIM to make T* have a better day. 

I get stressed. I get overwhelmed. The thought of cleaning the house, making dinner, keeping the laundry going, editing pictures, reading with Tristan, picking up toys over and over.... CAN be exhausting. 

But IF I spend the NEEDED time with Jesus that day. My prayer life decides my every day life. Will it be a good day? or a bad?

You see...

All of us women have a list of things we are......
Your list will look different than mine. Some of my bloggee-friends are business women, some are single women, some are engaged... We are ALL in different seasons of life. (So I hope I don't make any of Ya'll feel bad. That is NOT what my blog is for & I know that some of ya'll email me about some of the situations that you are going through....PLEASE...KNOW... I AM NOT TALKING TO ANY INDIVIDUAL person, at least... I don't think I am... Maybe GOD has another plan... this is just ME and my "What I am going through blog" ) 

We as women get anxious and weary when we hoist the world's problems onto our shoulders. God is already carrying the world, so we don't need to. We only have to carry what HE puts in our hands that day. 

Day by Day. 

That is what I am trying to do... Take it DAY by DAY. 

I am looking at my Monday's & saying... "What needs to be switched?"
I am taking charge of my Tuesday's & declaring..."It's going to be a successful day."

I was reminded the other day of a sermon from when I was in Master's Commission in Kansas City....

"Your top 5 friends." (play off of myspace at the time) 

It was about the TOP priorities in ones life. 

1. God. 

2. Spouse.

3. Family 

4. Church

5. Job

The pastor spoke & said, "If you mix this list up, your life will be out of focus." 

I am working on my list. I am starting at the top. 
I am working on my relationship with God. I am clearing out things that will NOT WORK in my new list.... in my new way of living. 

Since I have done this..............Let me TELL you what God has done!

Z* & I will be going on MUCH needed mini vacations over the next couple months.

We have had 2 people come up to us and say, "PLEASE.. use this time share of ours... pick and go wherever you want." 

So we are planning a trip. 

My house is cleaner. :) 

I am blogging.

My mind is clearer. 

I have a better marriage.

My son is happier. 

I am not done with this list. This list will take me my whole life to perfect. 

You know what? I am so excited to tackle this list. 

What about ya'll?  Do you have a list that needs tweeked? Just a little? A LOT? (like me) 

Start at the top.... work your way down! :) 

We ALL need accountability! 

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  1. John 15. I learned about pruning in INTENSE detail while I was at the Honor Academy and those lessons STILL come up. I just love that Jesus is the TRUE vine and in him we CAN bear much fruit... :) And vines are pruned even if they are ALREADY bearing fruit, because WE are to be even MORE fruitful. Oh man.. I love that chapter in John.

    Love you B! Thanks for sharing your reality -- it inspired me and IS SO TRUE! When our priorities get out of wack so do MANY other things :)



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