Started to BLOG this last night at around 5ish: Didn't get to post it because Vixen began to need my help.

My poor little Vixen. :( She is in labor. At least,  I am pretty certain she is in labor. 

It started this morning...... she has been acting strange.... shying away to her "safe place" (our front entry way) 

She doesn't want Tristan to be around her. She hides from him. She starts to whine while she is just laying down.....

If not tonight.... more than likely tomorrow! 


Vixen had her 1 little male puppy last night.  It is a VERY rare sight to see a Golden only have 1 puppy... But here it is! We even took her to the vet to check her out today...JUST to be safe! We don't want anything to happen to Vixen. :( She got GOLD STARS ! :) 

Vixen gave birth at around 6:15ish.
She fell asleep right after she pushed the little guy out! 
We had visitors here off and on all day.
Everyone was so excited to see the new puppy!!! :) 

The cute little DARLING!

We named him Eric. After our BEST FRIEND Shawn... who is also an only child. :) Shawn's middle name is Eric. :) We will be looking to find this puppy a good home when he is good and ready! :) 

What an exciting time in the FOX house! :) 

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  1. amazing. congratulations to vixen. i love dogs especially puppies.

  2. WOW! The miracle of life. That is so crazy there was only ONE. :) Love it!

  3. I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo happy. I may have to break down and buy him for Easton.....YEAH RIGHT! ;)

  4. Sooooooo cute!!
    How absolutely darling. And that's so crazy that there was just one little chubby puppy!!!

  5. Awww such a good momma! Lily has been asking if she can come and see him! She is EXCITED for you! He is SOO chubby-looking and cute!

  6. Hey Beka! Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi"!

    That puppy is SO precious.

  7. :) Shawn will be quietly excited about being a part of your blog! :)

  8. yay for vixen and the new little one!!! so so cute! glad everyone is doing good :)

  9. How Wonderful!! I'm visiting from Mama's little Nestwork! I cant believe she only had one puppy! My hubby and I love goldens!! I'd adopt him if I could :) Come check me out sometime!

    Best wishes


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