It's a must at my house to have AT LEAST 2-4 boxes of cereal.

My husband can eat a whole box in 2 days. He loves it. I love it. Now our son, Tristan, loves it. (just dry cereal for snack)

My favorite?
As of right now..... Corn Chex. 

I haven't bought this stuff in FOREVER, but my favorite Aunt Lois brought a box for "Tristan" last night & I poured myself a bowl & in the very 1st bite it brought back a ton of emotions. I began to tear up.

You see, my Granny & Papaw always had Chex in their cupboard. When we would go visit them in Arkansas for Christmas or Summer VACATION it was always waiting on us. 

That bite brought back so many memories, smells, Granny's kitchen table, her sunflower decor, Papaw's Peanut butter crackers, & the heat coming in from the outside. 

I will never look at Corn Chex cereal the same. I can't believe how much power it had over me. 

Do you have something that takes you back to lovely memories?? If so, I would love to hear! 

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