Bloom where you are planted.

I have heard that "quote" many times while growing up in the parsonage. It would go in one ear.... out the other. 

Tonight, while I went to a neighboring town & listened to my Marmee speak to all the women at the Ladies Tea Party.... my eyes filled with tears as she spoke. She began to tell the story of my Great-Grandmother, Hazel Leora Meyer. I wanted to write down what I remembered about her.....

So here I go....

She was a kind, gentle, bubbly, & the most sincere Christian Grandmother. She had the best laugh. She had the softest hands & most beautiful white hair. She would wear the cute little butterfly clips to pin back her fine hair. I can remember at times she would "pop" out her teeth to make me laugh or attempt to scare me  & then say, "BOO".... 

When she laughed her shoulders would go UP-DOWN-Up-down! She would give a testimony every Sunday night and Monday morning ask if she talked to much. She would sing, sing, sing and could remember every hymn...praise song.... kids song.... "silly song"..... that was known throughout her years. She always came to eat breakfast at our house on Sunday mornings. She would be the one that introduced me to 1 of my favorites....Coffee. Actually, it was Aunt Lois that gave me my 1st sip at the age of 5. :) But it was in Grandma's house..... her coffee that I first sipped. 

She would invite the Jehovah witness men in her home and give them a drink & begin to share to them about HER testimony & God. :) They loved her. 

She loved when I painted her nails. 

When she died, I was young. Not too young where I can't remember the funeral. I sang at it. But young where I wish I would have held onto her while she was here more. I wish I would have asked her more questions. 

My Grandma had a 5th grade education. She was from the poorest of poor neighborhoods. She was born on the "wrong side of the tracks".... Her mother found Jesus while she was in Illinois looking to score some good "Moonshine"...... 

Little did my Great-Great- Grandmother know..... That she went searching for moonshine & she came home with "Son"shine.... (I am like my Marmee, afterall) 

She brought back the name of Jesus. She started a church, Oak Park, which now is the Gospel Lighthouse Church. Now the church where my husband and I serving under my parents. She would put on "little" carnival's.... She would save her penny's to buy the kids some candy. 

Tonight... it hit me... When my Marmee was speaking.... & she said..."Bloom where you are planted.." 

That is what I need to be sure I am doing...... Where I am blooming.... am I causing harm, problems, "drama", spreading evil thoughts and words? 

Or... rather.... am I spreading a loving fragrance? Speaking words of LIFE and Truth? 
Am I trusting in Him fully? Am I putting my HOPE in others or HIM?!

What my Grandmother left behind.... was something far better than money or earthly things. 

It was something straight from the hand of God. She left a legacy of Truth. 

What am I spreading around? What am I giving to people once they leave my conversation? 

Bloom where you are planted. 

Make things right with one another. Seek to do good. Love those who hate you. 

Are my roots going deeper? Am I bringing JOY to others? Am I seeking HIM first? 

I want to leave a legacy for my son & baby #2 on the way. I want them to see me as I see my Grandma & Marmee. 

I need to stop worrying about "ME" & focus more on Others....

because after all..... wasn't that Jesus' ministry? 


I am blooming. I am not done growing yet. 

Bloom in the strangest of places. 
Grow into what God has created us to be. 

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  1. wowww!! This was so powerful, Beka. I am praying to grow more in GOD'S WAYS and letting go... I love youuu!

  2. very wise words...thanks for sharing & reminding :)

  3. :) You are such a woman of God!! Love that He designed us to be friends!!!

  4. I really needed this today. Thanks so much!

  5. such encouraging words i get to read today!! Thank you for sharing this beka:) i love you lots!!

  6. This brought tears to my eyes!! :) I have to say, I am not a religious person but I can appreciate & wholeheartedly agree with this! :) Thanks for sharing.


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