Tristan's Par-taaaay.

Tristan is 1. Wow. I must say, I can REALLY see a difference in just 2 days on how he talks & even gets around. The best is yet to come for this pregnant mamma. I can't wait to be CHASING him while looking like a giant SEAL attempting to go on after him. 

Lord, Give me wings. Amen. 

Tristan's Birthday was such a fun time for our families to get together. Zach's Grandparents(who pretty much helped RAISE Zach + his 7 siblings) came to celebrate Tristan's Birthday. They traveled all the way from Ohio. :) Zach was raised in Cincy.... ya know.. "The Nasty Naty" Yep. That's it. 

I was so blessed to have them there with us celebrating. It was a precious time. I am such a PROUD mommy. Here are the pictures ya'll! 

His face....makes my heart........ melt. 

He got to eat pizza for the 1st time at his party. He ate every piece I gave him.

Ready for Presents. 

The chair my sister, Rachel, CREATED for Tristan. :) 

Getting ready for Tristan to DIVE into the cake... Waiting for people to ready his stomach. :) 

Our reactions to everyone screaming. :)

Love this shot. :) It says it all...

3 Generations. :)

I love my Zacharia.... 
Soon to be PARENTS of 2. :) 

What's coming up this next month?
1. Gospel Sing.
3. Fall mini session
4. My OB doctor's appointment
4. Another wedding. 
5. More Master's Commission times..
6. Maternity, family, newborn sessions!

September is ALWAYS a busy month.
My birthday is on the 19th. 
I cannot wait!

I love Birthdays! I really do. I love to celebrate mine all month.
not joking. 
The countdown is ON!
12 more days until I am 24. 

Please be praying for me and this baby growing inside of me. I want a healthy & happy & JOY BRINGING baby! :) 
Can't wait to meet this little one in May!

What does YOUR September look like?



  1. :))) Love this! What a great day! I love that you wrote on his belly!

    Congrats mama!

  2. did you write that on his tummy to make the big announcement? brilliant!

    happy birthday, little boy!

  3. @ Cheri. Yes. :) That is what we did to announce we were expecting another baby! :)

    thanks so much!!!

  4. Happy birthday to Tristan!! =)

  5. YES! THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT :) What a fun idea to announce it! Did anyone know before? Cute, Cute, Cute!!!!!!

    YAY! Happy birthday to Tristan && YOU!!!!!!!!!! :) Exciting!!!

  6. CONGRATS ON YOUR PREGNANCY!!! and Happy birthday to Tristan! my oh my so much to be excited about... xoxoxo

  7. AWWWW CONGRATS!!! how exciting!!!!!

  8. Bek,

    My favorite thing about this post is your list of September things, on which you wrote the number 4 twice. You've got baby brain!

    Love yoooouuu!


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