What day is it?

I have been asking that question for a week now.

It's Tuesday, right? Yep! Just looked in my day planner.


This week has been pretty WILD & is not calming down any.......

1. My computer is needing some TLC. So, Thursday I take her in for some of that. WHO KNOWS when I will get her back. :(

2. I  SOMEHOW by the GRACE OF GOD finished all my editing BEFORE the computer didn't want to work.

3. I have a USBORNE Book party tonight. Wanna take a look? You can buy too! HERE!

4. It was my BIRTHDAY on the 19th. Yes. I didn't get to BLOG on my Birthday, but I do love BIRTHDAYS. :) I do love getting all 200 + notifications on FACEBOOK. Yes, I go through every single one of them. :)

5. I shot a GORGEOUS wedding this past weekend. It. was. BEAUTIFUL. JUST.... BEAUTIFUL. :)

6. I have my FALL MINI session this Saturday. :)

7. WOW. It's time to start another load in the washer. My timer just went off.

Well, Blogger friends.... I hope YOUR WEEK IS fabulous!

Fall is here... uhh... kinda. It was 90 here yesterday!
HUH?! :) Yep.

It's a beautiful day today too! Gotta get my house ready for tonight!

I will have a better recap of this week... ya know... with PICTURES. :)


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  1. Thinking of you!
    I hope they get that computer fixed ASAP!! And glad you got all the editing you needed doing before it decided to act up ;)
    Can't wait to see pics of the wedding you shot for!


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