I was blessed to not only have 1, but 2. God sure knew what he was doing when HE sent me Rachel & Libby. 

Rachel, the oldest of us 4(Yes! we have a brother!!) 
Rachel is the glue that holds us all together. She brings such stability to our family. She is the one that wants to BRING the family together for a meal or a mini vacation. She is thee PERFECT oldest sister. 
She is a very loyal friend.(even when you are really in the wrong-haha!) 
She will stand by your side through it all. She is the one to go over & GET your bike back from the crazy indian neighbor kids who stole it. (true story) 
She is our "E-ul"....
She is our "Super sis"...
She is our "glue"....

She is our SISTER!
She is my friend! 


Just the sound of her name puts a smile on my face. She is our LAUGHTER. Our Comedian. Our TRUTH when we need to hear it. (even if it ain't pretty!!!!) 
She is the baby of the family. She is our free spirited ministry. She has the most compassion & love I have ever seen, other than my mom & Grandma Meyer. 
She has the SPIRIT of  a Phillips, face like a Holtz, & heart from her Father. 
If there would be 1 word that would explain Libby....
She is always thinking about others. She not only can tell THEE BEST stories, but she is just funny without even trying! 
She is dramatic in her story telling  & we wouldn't want it any other way.
BOOOY! I am SO GLAD that my daddy wanted another baby! 
I would be lost without her. Rachel & John went off to college & I would have been HOME ALONE. 
Oh, Libby.... You are such a dear sister & friend. 

Our sisterhood is something oh-so special. It is something that only we can share. 
Us 3---> Together! 
We are all SO-SO-SO different in everything we say  & do.
The way we dress = different.

Heels. Flats. Tennis Shoes.
You figure out which one goes with each sister. ;) 

I love my sisters. 
Perhaps, this is why I cry every time I watch "Little Women" or "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"...

I get all emotional when talking about my sisters. 
They are the Glue & Compassion I lack.

God sure knew what HE was doing.......

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  1. This is beautiful!

    We thought alike today. I blogged about my brother today! :)

    I love how close you three are!

  2. p.s. loving your new blog layout! Its fabulous!

  3. INDIAN? I don't remember that part. :)
    Love you tooooo! SO much! I the flats girl? Because, when I was pregnant I only wore tennis shoes...but am back to flats.

  4. Beautiful Post today!! Makes me miss my sisters!!! Love the new look too!!

  5. WHOAAA wait?? Your preggo?? SOOOOOOO happy for you. Congrats xoxo

  6. This is the sweetest post ever!!! My sisters are 7 and 8 years younger than me so we are just now starting to have a close friendship. How blessed you are to have such great family! :)


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