Pregnancy #2.

I am pretty graphic in this post! 

Tristan at birth. Beautiful boy.

I can't believe how different I feel with this pregnancy! While I was pregnant with Tristan I was throwing up a week before I knew I was pregnant .... until he was out of me. :) Yep. I threw up during labor. Just horrible.  horrible. HORRIBLE.  Let's talk about the difference with this pregnancy, shall we?
We shall.

1. Not throwing up. It is such a beautiful thing. Zach told me he thought I was pregnant prior to us taking the test..... I told him, "I'm not throwing up, so I must not be!" Boy! Did he know....

2.  Energy in the A.M.   Since being "pregnant".... I have FOUND myself up and OUT of bed BEFORE 8 a.m.!!!  Now, to some of you EARLY, OVER-achievers, GO GETTERS..... That sounds rather..... LATE!

Well, Something about Beka you should know... :) 

I love sleep. 

A trait my baby boy T has picked up. PRAISE THE LORD! 

Carrying on..... 

3. Being super tired. I didn't have FATIGUE with Tristan.... But boy do I ever know when it hits 3 o'clock OR 9pm. Call me done for the night, because I am at 9. 

4. Motivation. 
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. It's strange-really!  But with Energy comes MOTIVATION! So, my house has never looked this good. 

There is 1 thing that remains the same with both pregnancies...
The love of chinese food. Perhaps it's because it is my all time favorite food?

Yep. I bet so. :) 

The Gospel Sing is this weekend. A 2-day outreach/fundraiser for our church & school. It brings in over 1,000 people from the United States. (Yes. to our town of 400)

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P.S. Working on my Blog. :) My friend, Melissa, redid hers & I thought to myself... NEW SEASON---NEW LOOK! :)
I think every season I am going to CHANGE IT UP! 


  1. :) Glad you're not sick! I was with Aidyn too, so I this gives me hope that if I ever get prego again that I wont be as sick.. but I wont hold my breath :)

  2. congrats on the pregnancy! what a blessing it is to not be throwing up. i didn't get sick with george and i'm praying i don't get sick with my second babino...we just had george and i'm already thinking of having another one! craz-ay!

  3. Oh Beka you are getting ready for #2 ALREADY! YUP! ya are :)


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