Modge Podge.

As of lately, I have been going, going, going, going, going, going........ GONE. It has been quite the busy week. FULL of JOY, TEARS, Laughter, new friendships blossoming, photography, Tristan, visit to my nurse, a date, music, new songs, new paint color in the kitchen, milestones, purchases, big news, etc. etc. 

You get my drift. ( what does that even mean?) 

Fall. Fall is such a crazy time. It is my 2nd most favorite season. Winter, of course, being 1st place. 

Winter is 1st because of many reasons.....

Here are some of those reasons. 

1) The food.  Yes. call me a Foodie because I am my father's daughter. There is NOTHING like coming in from the cold wintery storms & sitting down and having some soup. I could have SOUP all. thee. time. 

2) Hot drinks. OOOH yes. I love warm, hot, BLAZING HOT drinks. Put some hot cocoa in my hand & I might just be able to CONQUER the World. 

3) the clothing.  BUNDLE UP. :) I would never look down upon to put TOO many layers, accessories like hats, scarfs, mittens, &  boots! I love to wear hats. Yep. Yep. Yep. Hats are my favorite. 

4) There is absolutely nothing better than coming home & grabbing your hot soup or drink & sitting on the couch to watch a MOVIE. Some people like books...... I love movies. :) 

5) My electric blanket. EVERYONE. NEEDS. ONE. OF THESE. I have 2.... ok... maybe 3. :) I love to turn it on about 20 minutes before I crawl into bed and just let the heat saturate my body. MMM... WARM COVERS! I think I might break mine out a little earlier this year. Thanks to this wonderful blog. 

These are just 5 of the many reasons to why I love WINTER. 

What is your favorite season? Why?
Can you give me a list of things?

Now... To show you what I have been up to as of LATELY... :) 

I had a Maternity Session this past week. 

Baby Boy Sweet is going to be here in 2 weeks... or less... or more. :) 

Proud Parents! 

Some of the wedding I am finishing up! :) 
Happy couple!

Joel & Brook at their tree. :)  

Senior, Jaime... :) 
This is the SNEAK peak I just put up on my facebook. 
Many more to come of this lovely girl! 

My friend, Ruth Ann makes these adorable dresses. 
Here is just 1 of the many I took for her new line of clothing! :) 
God has truly blessed her. 
Check her out on facebook!

Hope your week is full of fun and LOVE! 

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  1. i love cold weather too! my fam lives in kentucky( and derek's is in colorado) so i love visiting for christmas! i think i just like visiting though... not sure i'd want to live in it 24/7... maybe.

    awesome pictures! ;o)

  2. LOVE the photo of Ruth Ann's designs. OH my word... model children :) Thanks for linking up! I know you are one busy lady... life can just zoom by. Hope you have a blessed weekend, friend! You are loved, an inspiration, a beautiful example and woman after God's heart. I know I am blessed because of YOUR friendship. LOVE!

  3. i love everything on your winter love list!! haha! i have been wanting an electric blanket FOREVER! maybe this year i can actually get one. i hope things slow down a little for you. enjoy your weekend! :)

  4. Summer is my favorite!

    Tan skin, the beach, Rita's water ice (like Italian ice but better!), layers of tan tops in bright colors, skirts, road trips, flip flops, picnics, iced tea, make-up-less days, swimming, grilled veggies and chicken, blonde highlights, my birthday, being outside a lot, fresh fruit & veggies, ice cream, painted toenails...

    You get my drift;)


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