Something I have. 

Something I know I should desire more of each day. 

Do you ever catch yourself just smiling while thinking about your life?

Do you ever start to replay your love story & burst into SMILES?

I do.

Today. Is one of those days where I am on CLOUD 9. 

My life is FULL of Adventure & happiness.

I live such a blessed life. 

I hope your Thursday is as HAPPY as mine.  :) 

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  1. yay! i'm so happy for you and i'm glad to see someone really appreciate their life and not be afraid to put it on your blog. so many bloggers are actually COMPLAINING these days about other blogger's positive blogs.. calling them "sugar-coated/fake/superficial/lacking substance" but all i see is gratefulness and truth in the fact that, currently, your life IS mostly positive and fantastic so you go ahead and spread the love!!!!

  2. Aw well it makes me happy to hear that you are happy girl! :)


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