This past weekend we held our COVENANT service for Floyd: Master's Commission. 

What is Covenant?

What is Master's Commission?

1st. Master's Commission is a 10 month INTENSE discipleship program that helps you lay the foundation in your walk with God. It helps you DEVELOP and become the man or woman you are suppose to be. It helps you learn what humility is. It helps you define your Faith. It helps you with leadership skills. We do pretty much anything we are asked to help or serve alongside with. We can do it all... .Clean up --- Lead services. There is school work, Bible studying that is required. Each student is required to memorize 400 Scriptures in the 10 months they are here. Sounds Impossible? Well, then I have a Scripture for you.... 

Luke 1:37. 

What is Covenant?

We ask each student in Floyd: MC to lay down their dating relationship these 10 months. Why? Because all in all it is 10 months COMPLETELY focused on God.  We believe that these 10 months are CRUCIAL and life changing. What you lay down these 10 months will be given to you 100 x better in your marriage. How do you know this, Beka? I surrendered 2 whole years to not dating. Why 2? Because Zach did his 1st year after my 1st year. I knew I loved Him & better yet, God showed me time and time again I was going to be with him my 3rd year. (Don't worry I didn't PRAY FOR HIM TO BE MINE while he was a 1st year!) I just said, "God... I like this trait in Zach." 
In my marriage.... Tho it is not perfect, it is blessed. We are Levites. We are always learning more and more about each other. We both are fighters. We both love to be right. We love to love each other. We love to SUPPORT each other. We love to have each other. 

Our marriage is blessed in the eyes of man and God because of those years we sacrificed. 

That Covenant paper I signed when I was 17 did not lack anything. When I signed my name, I signed it with everything in me..... I knew this is what God wanted me to do. 

So. Covenant. :) Is a PROMISE you make to God & your leadership that you will not date. 

It is special. So special. 

Here are some pictures of the Covenant night. Where Zach and I went to Master's Commission(Kansas City) they gave each student a ring.... to symbolize the Covenant between us & God. 

Zach wears that Covenant ring to this day as his wedding band. I had something engraved inside it & it is very special to us. I still have my Covenant Ring. I placed it in my Someday BOX when Zach & I were engaged... I wanted to keep it safe! 

This is their Covenant paper. WE had a single & TEAM one they had to sign.

Megan checking her phone before practicing for worship!
They have arrived & are ready to begin this journey!

The scene is set and table is ready..

The beautiful sunset the Lord sent to us... SO special. Just like a WINK from HEAVEN.

Beautiful 1st year Girls. 

Brittany worshiping her Creator while looking at HIS CREATION!

Megan trying to keep moving so she won't get bit by the mosquitos.

Danae Worshipping. 

What a sweet night that was..... It is so special and dear to my heart. We have such a great group of kids this year. (this is our 1st year... so I have nothing to compare it with, but they really are special...!) 

 They all bring something so special to the table! They each are destined for LIFE changing situations this year. God is going to MOVE in them a GREAT way. I can see Him moving.... 

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  1. What a special, beautiful service. I REALLY wish there was something like that when I was a young single girl. What a blessing!!!

  2. I agree -- giving up 10 months, 1 year, 2 years if God is calling you too... THE REWARDS ARE SO MUCH GREATER! TO OBEY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE :) This is both.. obedience && sacrifice.

    Thank you for sharing! What a special time of life!

  3. Love this post! AND I really like what you have done with your site. Looks good! :)


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