Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Recap.

This picture is taken with my beautiful computer.
I know. I know.
high quality. 


I got this the other day from the Art fair in town. 
It's a ring that is a SUNFLOWER.
Sunflower's were my Granny's Favorite. 
So I had to snatch it up!
Don't you love it?!?!?!
I sure do.
It's my new favorite. I found some really cool things from the Art Fair. It was such a fun time! It was a HOT one this weekend. 
What better thing to do than PLAY in some water. OK. I didn't get to play in some water, but Tristan sure did. How fun! 
On Saturday I also had a tupperware party...
It was hot that day.(did I mention that?)
So we ate some FRESH FRUIT.
& here is my model/DOLL son.... playing in the water. :) 

he has curly hair like me. LOVE! 

We had an outreach on Sunday night.... 
I sang with our new staffer-Megan! :)
She just moved here from Indiana to help us start our new discipleship program. the way.... 
next monday!
EEEEK! Such an exciting time in our lives! 
Megan tuning her guitar. :)

I will be announcing some EXCITING news this week!

Also this WEEK:

Thank you Lord!!!!

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  1. i love your sunflower ring a lot! :) hope you have a wonderful and relaxing mini vacation!!

  2. Love the ring and the pictures! :) They are beautiful :) Sounds like there are great exciting things happening :)


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