This TV show we call the Bachelorette.

My love for the show all started with Trista & Ryan. Serious. I remember the day they got married. PINK. All colors of pink all around. I remember what her dress looked like. I remember being disappointed with her hair. I remember when Ryan got out of the limo and talked with her. I remember when she read Ryan's poem. I remember when she chose him. I remember the taping of the ATFR. Yep. I remember it all. It was my favorite season and always will be. FYI: They have 2 kids now. :) Still HAPPILY MARRIED and in LOVE as ever. I really hope they last!!! I love them together! 

I love LOVE. I always have. I love anything to do with LOVE. I know that this show is a pathetic version of the "world love." But...this is something I can watch and just make fun of and LAUGH until my eyes are filled with tears.... It's become this JOKE OF A SHOW that I love to watch with my girls + Zach & Shawn. (bff's husband) I believe that watching it with guys helps me weep with laughter. 

Alright. Enough of my rambling about this stupid show.  Onto this season.


can I just say this.... I AM SO HAPPY THIS SEASON IS OVER. OOOOFFFTTAAAAA! I don't think I could watch Ali's CACKLE(aka LAUGH) much longer. GASP* 

I KNOW! Lets make a MEAN GIRL LIST list of everything we won't miss about this season!!! 
"Great Idea, Beka" 
Thank you, ladies! 


1. Ali's "hair"
EXAMPLE: if a WHITE GIRL is going to be wearing a WEAVE. SHE BEST be gettin' it checked EVERY DAY by a PROFESSIONAL. Someone like Tyra or Beyonce will do. SERIOUS! This MERMAID SWIM hair is about to drive me NUTS.
vent over. 

2. ALi's cackle.
ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka
enough said. 

3. Ali. 

4. Roberto's BUTT chin ;)  & man thigh. 

5. Ali's bipolarness. (is that a word? oh well. my blog. my language.) 

So. let's talk about TONIGHT.
Roberto is your man. or. uhhh... ali's man..
He is the WINNER WINNER of her mermaid dinner. 
(yes i seriously just said that.)
I went and cheated read what REALITY STEVE had to say about the ending because on his TWITTER (yes i stalk him) he said he had to CLEAR SOMETHING UP!

So, YES. I knew the ending. 
At first Reality steve said that she was single and that she chose  no one.  I was VERY UPSET because HONESTLY....
She is perfect with Roberto.
Butt chin + Mermaid hair = beautiful children in the making. :) 

No, but on a very serious note.
I do think they made a better couple than Chris and ALI.
Oh. Just for the ONLY reason being...
I like Chris and not Ali.
I really do hope Chris is the next Bachelor.
Wouldn't you be lovin' that?
I almost called and signed up my single FRIENDS!!!!

I didn't watch the "Let's meet ALi's family" because in all honesty. THAT STUFF IS BORING!
(not saying this season wasn't) 
I watched the last hour & then the ATFR taping. 
Here is the scene.
They are in this HOT tropical place that is just GORGEOUS...
Ali is going to pick up Chris for their date. 
Chris answers the door.
Ali looks like she is going to puke
& she says, "i'm pregnant"
Just wanted to see if you were still awake from how BORING this season/talking about this season/bloging about this season was. 
MOVING ON. Glad you are still with me.
ALi looks like a 11 year old girl with her nappy swim hair.
She sits down... tells Chris that she can't breathe....WHILE RUBBING HIS LEG AND ARM THE WHOLE TIME..
She starts to cry..
Ali: "Chris... I can't go on this date with you.. you are thee most amazing  guy I have ever met, but i am in love with someone else." (not quoting her but she really did say something like that) 

Chris is strong & doesn't loose it like weather pansy. 
They get up and walk to the door and Chris... being the gentlemen that he is opens the door for her and then ALI has to go and make me hate her even more.
Ali: "Can I have a hug?" 
*she says with her whiney voice*
He gives her a hug and then SOBS her way back to her hut.
She stops on the way there and plops her booty down on the HOT sand by the water.
I mean, That's where I WOULD WANT TO BE if i was sobbing...? right?
In the hot sun.
Well, She picks Roberto
or does Roberto pick her?
I l-o-v-e-d how ABC tried to make me just SIT ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT with "WILL ROBERTO PICK HER?"
YEAH. right.
Didn't fall for that.

In a nutshell. 
Roberto wins Ali's mermaid wig.

Things we need to pray about:

Chris becoming the next bachelor.

Yep. Serious. ok. kinda. 

Alright Ladies.. 
Were you shocked by this?
I mean... my "hunch" was that she was going with him RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING. I liked him from the beginning too.
UNTIL he showed off his MAN THIGH while making out with her on a ROPE IN THE AIR.

I SERIOUSLY couldn't believe they played Elton John, "CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT!" 
ON THE WINGS OF LOVE was baaaaaaad enough.
It really shouldn't shock me, but it does.
Music manager = You're fired.
Thank you, Mr. Trump!

I could go on and on about this season and how boring/annoying it was.....But I know you will think I am too dramatic....

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. yeah.
let's talk about THIS...

 can you believe that this season was THEE HIGHEST ratings it has seen EVER? 
Serious. I read that at Reality STEVE!
I helped those ratings.
I should get an award.

let me hear your thoughts....
G' night ladies.

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  1. LOL you're sooo funny i love it.

    I knew she would choose him cause he was smokin and she always said that from day one.. hopefully thats no the only reason

    Chris was a doll and I would love to see him as batchlor... dude, i love jullian, she was my fav still, she was just so darn cute!

  2. Oh my goodness...funniest bachelorette recap EVER. Good times. When did you get so funny? ;) Love your post and I laughed several times.

  3. ok roberto was my first pick! from the beginning. i heart him! elton john music was horrid! and did you watch the recap episode afterwards? i thought her dress was a bad choice.

  4. o my goodness such a funny blog post, but totally agree with everything :) Her laugh is annoying

  5. well you have a great blog great designing of the blog.. and thanks for the post..

  6. You KILL ME! I just watched the show yesterday when I got home from my week-long, no t.v. vacation. And ummmm.. YES Ali's cackle will not be missed. But I will miss my love Roberto. I was kind of hoping that she wouldn't pick him so he could be the next Bachelor and and I could watch him for another how many months?

    I hope they will be happy... they look in love (whatever that means) and I just hope that next season isn't as freaking painful as this one was!!


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