It's a FALLing type giveaway!

THANK you all so much for the wonderful comments on my last post! I am in the MIDST of getting an office set up in my upstairs bedroom. I WILL post pictures once it is done! :) I am SUPER excited, b/c I feel like I can REDO my bedroom while adding things in for my office! It's like a MINI makeover.

So, This got me THINKING! :) Does YOUR bedroom need a NEW makeover? a MINI makeover? Adding little things here and there? Some new paint? A new bedspread? Well, I went shopping the other day & found this ADORABLE  bed spread for  $30! THE WHOLE SET... Not just 1 blanket.! It was a STEAL. So, I stuck that baby in my cart and went to check out!

Ok. As I am typing this I have to calm my self down... I am typing franticly and I really do WANT TO USE ALL CAPS, but I am controlling myself....

WHY ARE YOU SO EXCITED B*!? - Thanks for asking! I thought NO ONE would ask me!

I AM DECORATING for FALL today! Yep. You heard me. F-A-L-L! I am SUPER excited!!! It was PAINFULLY hot this past week and then.... BAM on Sunday it was 72. PERFECT Fall weather. I am soooooooo EXCITED! :)

What other movie should I put on the TV to help INSPIRE ME for this NEW season? Um, yeah... NO better one than 1 of my favorites... You've got Mail! :)
My husband and I LOVE... LOVE...  adore that movie! It's in our TOP 3. !

Also. It IS the best soundtrack out there for FALL.  I'm so serious! :) Not  a joking matter my ladies...

You've GOT mail = BEST.

So. This only means since I am listening to it... You need to as well! 

That's right. I am giving away 
YOU've GOT mail movie!

I was looking through my trunk(that is where we hold all our movies) & I found an EXTRA copy! :) 

So.. I decided to GIVE IT away! 
& all you have to do?

Comment and tell me what you LOVE MOST about Fall! :)


Love to alll ya'llllll! :)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. What a fun, resourceful giveaway :) I would love to win! I looveeeeeeeee fall because I'm a color girl AND sweatshirt woman. I LOVE me a light sweatshirt and fall walk... mmm oh and add in Apple Cider, too!?! Yay! Thanks B*

  2. haha fellow fall lovers unite!! My hubs would flip if I decorated this early but that doesn't mean I don't want to and after Labor day it's completely fair game for me :D EEAAK I can't wait. I love fall, football, jeans and hoodies, warm pumpkin bread, fires in the fireplace, chilly evenings. "Delicious Autumn my very soul is wedded to it"

  3. THAT'S where my You've got mail DVD is!!!!!!! I've been looking and looking for it!! :)

  4. BAHAHAHA! RACHEL! :) That was hilarious!!! LOL! I love fall b\c of .....well, it's my favorite season!

  5. I love scarves, sweaters, the change of leaves, football, and the smell of fall! :)) Its my favorite season!


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