Have you ever.....

Have you ever felt so stressed that you get sick?

Have you ever felt so tired that you can't sleep?

Have you ever felt so annoyed with life that you just want to stay home and not face people?

Have you ever just wanted to pack everything up and take your family and GO!?

Have you ever just felt like going to bed but anxiety was just waiting to jump on you?

This has all gone on this week. I got sick on Sunday night & am just being able to sit up, walk around & go outside without the feelings of me about to TIP over. :(

As you know, my Anniversary was yesterday. What did Z and I do? Oh, you know.... Z* had to wait on me the WHOLE DAY. He got me soup, cold cloths for my head, the thermometer, blankets, my pillow, ice chips, Sprite, & snuggles. I know, I know. I sound so high-maintenance when I am sick.
The truth is..... I am. :)

I am a big baby when it comes to being sick. Anyone else? I am. I am. I AM! Wanna know who IS NOT a big baby? Z*. Yep. That's right. My husband is NOT a big baby. He is such a SUPERMAN. I tell ya.... I married Superman. :) 

Sunday Night we had our water baptism. It was one of THEE best water baptism's we have ever had. I just wanted to share 1 photo with you. Yep. You know it. It's of my son, Tristan. :) This was his reaction the whole time when people were in the pool. He is so sweet, ya'll. I'm serious. He is so wonderful. He absolutely LOVES the water. So, when the people went under. He squealed. 
That's my marmee holding him. (mom) 

Tristan is so sweet. :)
NOTE: His hair is wet due to my marmee putting water on it.

What do ya'll do to stay calm? No stress? Hmm? I'm thinking about joining some support group...(just kidding) 

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  1. I've felt that way a lot and sorry you are sick :( Ima baby tooo.

  2. Welp, we are sisters. I am the biggest baby when I am sick and I am sooo "whining" it annoys myself. You need a sister chat about NOTHING but joy. :) ILY!

  3. OH B! I can soooooooooo relate. Deep breaths, friend! DEEP DEEP! You are an inspiration and joy to so many :) It is hard to have that balnace and take time for YOU, am I right?? DO it. 1 day a week AT LEAST. YOU GO GIRL! Praising God for "superman" hubbys!!


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