Finding Balance.


I am trying to remember to breathe. I am trying to remember that I AM NOT superwoman. I am trying to simplify my oh-so complicated life.

Let me back up.

Zach just quit his job in May to go FULL-TIME at our church.  We are opening a Master's Commission this month. It's crunch time. You are probably wondering... "HOW CAN THEY AFFORD THIS?" Yes, you are correct for wondering that.. I, myself, ask that at times. Since then,  my photography business has really started to take off and I am VERY excited about this step God is opening for me. So... You see.. What I am trying to say is... my life is crazy. My plate is FULL.... and I AM THANKFUL that I am getting jobs!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

But... Lets be HONEST...... I need some ORGANIZATION in my life.

Think of alllllll the responsibilities that comes with these "titles".... ready? set. GO.

Wife. Mom. Friend. Sister. God-Seeker. Blogger. ;) Mentor. Photographer. Singer. People Pleaser.

Yep. You got it. My life is crazy....

So this is the part where Ya'll help me think of some sort of PLAN... some sort of WAY to organize & help your fellow sister/blogger friend O-U-T!

Do I have certain nights where I just EDIT?
Do I edit during Tristan's nap times?
Do I need to set up a little area upstairs with my laptop and just make that my office? Away from everything?

What do you think??? Any tips??? ANYTHING!? :)

While you're thinking about this.... Here are some pictures for you to look at while THINKING!!! :)

Also. Check out my girl, RIA's blog over at
I won a little SOMETHING SPECIAL!! I am so excited! &&&&&&&&&
on top of all that. 
: ) : )  : ) 

I am joining on the BLOG HOP! :) 


Come join in on the FUN! :) 

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  1. I hear ya lady. I have 4 kiddos, have just started my own photography business, and of course, have my tutu business. I sometimes feel like I'm going mad! : ) (But all in a good way.. Because yes, it's a GOOD kinda crazy! : )

    Definitely you need to prioritize. I dont know what your turn around rate is between a photo shoot and getting the pics up for your clients to see, but make sure it reasonably fits into what YOU can accomplish, while remaining sane! : )

    Remember what is the most important in YOUR life and work accordingly. Everything else WILL fall nicely into place! *HUGS*!

  2. Call me. I can get your life organized! ;)

  3. I'm definitely thinking an office would be PERFECT!

  4. Such a cute blog! And wow, girl! You do have a lot going on, but it's very exciting time it seems! I am trying to figure out how to be better balanced as well.. the best thing I have figured out thus far, is to invest in a quality planner :) Good luck!

  5. Welllll I have to say I am the worlds worst as far as organization is concerned... seriously. But, you can do it. Even if you have to maybe promise edited photos a little later... don't rush it because really that doesn't benefit anyone right?

    You're doing an amazing job and I am so excited for the next few months ahead of you because I think it is FULL of new adventures... you're going to do great :)

  6. Oh, I LOVE that picture. beautIFul!

    I struggle with this same stuff and have been thinking about getting a big calender and having different days be different things I do, ya know? I haven't tried it...yet...would it would only in theory? hmmmm.....

  7. GREAT POST! I feel like I can fullly relate, minus the mommy part! It was fun to read what everyone had to say. I think the office idea is quality! I may work towards this too...


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