A Summer Scene.

My freckles are OUT!
 O.U.T.----> OUT OUT OUT! 
T & I are living poolside....
Yep. We lather ourselves up in our 35 SPF sunscreen. 
Put it on every hour.
(my daddy would be proud)

One of my best friends & I enjoying the water.
It's been SO HOT N' HUMID here lately in the midwest.
The pool is our only option!!

My sisters and I at a bridal shower! 
Left to Right.
Rachel, ME, Libby! :)
i love my sisters!
Rachel is out of the hospital and is doing good. She will have to wait to remove her gall bladder until her pancreas is CALM. Thanks for your PRAYERS!
1 of my sisters on the FOX SIDE. 
Abby. :)
She is going to be a 1st year in our Master's Commission this FALL!
proud of her!
Abby bought these old shoes for Tristan's nursery. :) 
See the FOX playing the banjo? 
YEP! I love them!
I am framing them and hanging in his room!

What are you doing these summer days?
Pool? Family? BBQ?
Fill me in! I've been M.I.A. (See previous post) 

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  1. We have been doing A LOT of relaxing, a lot of days by the pool and A LOT of sun! I love it :)
    Love these pics of you guys!

  2. We've been grilling and just spending most of our time outside. :)


  3. you're BACK!!!!! :)

    looks like you had lotsa fun, i love the pool! and freckles are sooo sweet :) i love them haha

  4. I love all your pics! They are so summery and fun, I have not been to the pool at all...still trying to recover from this pregnancy bod. It doesn't help I just ate an entire candy bar. We've been grilling out a lot though. You and your sisters are so cute!

  5. I'm working way too much. :) I love your freckles! And I'm super jealous of all your pool time! Glad you're back!

  6. My son has spent the entire summer at the pool, my daughter is with her boyfriend every moment she can be, and I've been a crochet fool! And summer has been hot but beautiful.

    xo Erin

  7. I've been working so much this summer, the only time I get to see the sun is during my commute. But I can still enjoy some ice cream on the deck when I get home. :)

    I am so glad your sister is feeling better!

    And I didn't forget about guest posting here, I promise! I just can't decide what to write about. :/

  8. You and your little guy are SO cute! I've been doing the same thing. Being in the water sure makes it feel like summer! Also, those shoes are adorableee! VERY fitting. Except which one of you plays the banjo? ;)

  9. looks like you are having a wonderful summer! i am spending a lot of time in the pool at at the beach with my little Lila girl and the hub.


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