My Camelot.

Beginning of this Summer. {MAY}

{mii house}

There is something so beautiful about my home. I have always been a home-body type girl. I could stay inside all day & not have a care or a B.I.T. of anxiety. Zach & I bought our home this past year. We are blessed beyond words with this home. No. It is not LARGE and ALL FINISHED. It is perfect for our family. It is my heaven on earth. My Camelot. 

{mii chair i found in a JUNK PILE}

You make your home YOUR OWN. 

Home is comfortable. Home is air-conditioned. Home is a safe haven. Home is Floyd. (mii-town) Home is messy. Home needs to be cared for. Home is pretty. Home is lovely. Home. Home. Home. Just that word alone- HOME make my heart sing. 

I love being home. My home is in Floyd. My husband and I live in the midwest. It is a beautiful place. I love the midwest because of this one reason. (among others) 

You. get. all. 4. seasons. GOOD. &. Beautiful! 

Spring. Cool N' Colorful
Summer. HOT N' Humid.
Fall. Crisp N' Clean.
Winter. Cold N' SNOW snow snow snow!

I have always considered my home--> My Camelot. It really is. That is thee only way I know how to explain it in words.

My home town brings to me a WONDERFUL CHURCH where my husband and I are on staff. 

This is where we BELONG.

What do you love about your home?
What is something you want to fix up in your home?
What is your favorite room in your home?
Let's get cozy and talk...
Grab some coffee....
Be sure to put in some HAZELNUT CREAMER..
Please... tell me what you  love about your home.

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  1. Your home is too cute!! I love being at home, only just when I start to really like the home I'm living in, we move. That's what I hate about renting homes. But I also like the idea of being able to leave and move to a different state or town without having to sell a home. :)



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